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World of Warcraft Drama » “WoW is Serious Business” (Uncategorized)

While we were gone: The Good, pt. 2: Elitemaiden makes Fark

Of course, EM drama couldn’t possibly be contained in the mere confines of the comments of one of our posts. No, she went and claimed she was being oppressed, by both players and GMs, and threatened to sue Blizzard. While the original forum thread has been deleted, we have a text copy here.

Some highlights:

“I would like to bring to your attention the horrendous crime one of your employees have committed against Elitemaiden, a faithful World of Warcraft player (who played the game since the game began), causing her to quit the game in UNDUE time. (Especially when I am already in a GREAT guild full of GREAT people). Now that guild is forced into having no mage and may possibly not do as well as intended. I did not waste MY TIME trolling ANYONE. I have already been revered and heroic keyed for many instances.

Forum Moderater Corelei is responsible for encouraging the vicious slandering of my good name in the game on the forums both in Hyjal and in Drenden. He is the very reason why people feel empowered to troll me.”

“Many jealous people came out of the woodworks to troll that thread. After that first initial trolling post, Blizzard did NOTHING to stop the trolling. It seemed as though every person who FAILED in the game tried to pin their ownfailure upon my head even though I did not know them, did not ever play with them nor interacted with them. They were jealous and envious of my noble and fun gaming including romances and the Grand Marshal Barbarconan forever kneeling at my feet every single day at Ironforge…”

“Hyjal I found to be a server that was OPPRESSED by the big guilds. It was shocking to me that people were so undergeared. The rich were filthy rich and the poor were in RAGS. Nobody cared about helping with anything. Most of them had not even seen MC yet. And it was already NAXX era.”


The trolls were spreading LIES. Literally making up LIES out of thin air. And nobody was there to keep them from LYING and continuing to cuase trouble for me.”

“Finally GM Corelei showed up again…after already missing many deleted posts, he again PUTS my name in lights, and asserts in big bold letters falsely framing ME. Where was he when the trolls started the threads? What right does he have to assert blame when he did NOTHING to protect me? When I was the one reported these people and ASKED for help thousands upon thousands of times, I was ignored and pushed aside?

HOW DARE HE now come and assert such slanderious LIES about me to the general public when he has failed in your efforts to keep a clean and safe environment. When he disrespects the VICTIM and turns the VICTIM into a false accused.

HIDING all the thousands of archived slanders and vicious attempts to create drama for Elitemaiden.


“I demand a retraction of the unfair and unjust BAN upon my account even if it is AFTER I had already quit the game (me quitting being CAUSED by the unjust SLANDER and TROLLING of Forum Moderator Corelei).

My mage is of no small measure of time invested.

She is highly skilled as you can see on her ARMORY and cause for others to be jealous because they are TOO lazy to fish, level up tailoring, cooking, first aid, etc.”

“I would also like to note that they came from ALL other realms to TROLL me in Drenden as of the latest incident where Corelei has FAILED to note this fact. THEY are the ones who are causing strife within the community and he is empowering them to do so. Therefore it is CLEAR to me that he has targed me for trolling and targeted me for victimizing and he has sabatoged my account and my access to the forums to not only report the trolls but to defend my rights as a paying customer.

I DEMAND his superiors look into this immediately. I demand that the legal department investigate the archives of the forums.

There is nothing there but SLANDER and LIES and VICIOUS GOSSIP.

You need to look at the GROSSLY FAILED purpose of your public forums and archives. They are nothing to be proud of.”

Continue reading…

While we were gone: The Good, pt. 1: More Elitemaiden

We may have been sitting idle, posting-wise, but we’re always on the lookout for LOLz. Our resident artist has drawn us some emo characters to pretty up the mainpage. Both the emo undead and emo Night Elf show that WoW, truly, is serious business.

On with the show. Drama, like rust, never sleeps.

Just like a Spaghetti Western, there’s the good, bad and ugly of WoW drama.

We’re gonna start with the Good: Elitemaiden, whom we’ve chronicled here before, creates some meta-drama in the comments of our post about her.

“So why are you guys swallowing all this cow dung anyways?

Who is crazy? Is it not this person who’s real life is DESTROYED by wow or an epic mage who you all troll because your lives have no meaning?”

-Elitemaiden exclusively.

There’s all sorts of other gems in them thar comments, too – two levels of meta-drama, those directly involving Elitemaiden, and those not:

For whit, level 1:

“Hey meta

You are nothing but a gutless prick. Seriously what you have said goes beyond reproach.

ANd who the hell are you to decide what should go punished and unpunished. You seriously sicken me with this retoric of yours.

If you read this again, and I hope you do, I hope you think about what you have done. I hope you think about the criomes that you have commited.

You won you reckon? The only thing you won metazare is nothing more than having the distinction of being a blight on society”


“Arkell, blow off. How dare you acuse of bullying people on Hyjal. The only fault that was made was not realizing earlier that you couldn’t hack it with the rest of us. So how bout you get out from behind Elitemaidens piss flaps and be a man by droppin this peddly crap about Meta and how you hate him so much. Grow a sack, fill it with some balls, and move on. I had no issues with you, but when you attack Krieg and everyone in it, well then I take offense to that. P.O.P.”


And level 2:

“That’s really kind of funny considering you ruined Atala’s life flirting with him every day. I think when he found out you were in fact a married adulteress, he finally quit wow.”

-The EM herself, to Desideria

But the best was yet to come…


Hello to all of our new readers. May I point you towards the RSS feed we have down near the bottom of the page there, for all your syndication needs. We haven’t updated in a while as time seems to have gotten away from us, but now you’re a large, whiny, demanding force, just how we like it, and we want to deliver.

We promised a while back to reward the top 2 in our drama competition, and we neglected to put a vote up at the time. Kingfox will be putting one up shortly, and we’ll be awarding the top 2 entries with 60-day gamecards.

OH NOES, huntards everywhere!

This is a 2-part post. Firstly, thanks to James Lame: Dont group with Hunters, they are Imba!

This is a total win in drama.

It’s basicly that hunters are imba and the soulution is to never play with them or help them in anyway, becuse then Blizzard will nerf them for some magical reason.

Check it out:


I have noticed many nerf-threads here and i agree with most of them. And i have solution: dont summon them if u are warlock, dont heal them if u are priest/druid, dont do water/food for them if u are mage. And harder part: DONT PLAY WITH THEM. If u are going to instance say that if hunter comes u leave. I have kicked one time and maybe 30 times they havent took hunter. U pay for this game (or ur mom/dad) do u wanna that some class is so uber-zomg-pwnage that it is clearly overpowered? and its pwzns ur class without problems? Atleast i dont want it. Try it, eventually they stop playing hunters or blizz will nerf them.

And on the flip side of the coin: Worst hunter ever?

@razzaelstop camping people in STV…first you kill the friend we were getting raptor hunter tunic for then you camp us for trying to get back at you!

locks need a nerf hardcore…no way a 34 lock should be able to kill a 64 so easily and camp me

Choice quotes: ” Are you disabled? Do you play WOW without the use of your hands? If you are a normal, healthy person then please consider the following:



“C’mon folks, let’s help a fellow hunter out. First, you should cast “Call Pet” or go tame a pet if you haven’t already done so. Next, put your pet on defensive or aggressive and now you should have almost doubled your DPS!

Tomorrow’s lesson: How to augment autoshot DPS using Arcane Shot.”


Going out with a ‘bang’…

We’ve all been stuck in dead-end instance groups at one point or another, and we’ve all given excuses on why we need to leave suddenly, though often we just switch to an alt for a while to escape.

But in this case, I think this guy was serious… the group was apparently proceeding smoothly through the Steamvaults, working well together, etc.

Our thoughts are with ya bud!


We’re still here, promise

Sorry, the WoW drama team has been busy levelling to 70 and getting keyed up. We’re still here, with more drama to come soon. Keep sending in your entries for the drama competition!

i guess im a bit shy when it comes to being in groups with people i don’t even know

Found over at AFK Gamer (the greatest WoW blog out there, and a must read for any raider.) Socks from Jaedenar posts, begging for help under the subject, “im a girl and im new to WoW.” Only, they do it from their male 60 pally by mistake, complete with pally sig and ctprofile link.

my character is lvl 22 right now..human rogue and im in re-ridge. i did all the easier solo quests and all i have left in re-ridge are the harder group quests. i guess im a bit shy when it comes to being in groups with people i dont even know so should i continue to complete those quests? or should i go to darkshirt and start doing solo quests there?

Whoops! They’re immediately called out on it, and delete the thread. Luckily, Foton from AFK Gamer took a screen shot (found here on Flickr (make sure you view it at original size)), and a furl archive (found here).

Classic WoW Drama, Vol. 2: Serenity Now

In a game with 7 millon plus players, drama of some type is inevitable, and usually constant. Hell, in any gathering of two or more people, drama of some type is inevitable, and usually constant. Even in this constant stream, however, there are some dramas that rise above to become known throughout the WoWsphere. They become… Classic WoW Drama.

There was a woman who really enjoyed playing WoW. She died of a stroke. Her friends and guild members decided to hold an online funeral for her, in-game, so that anyone who wished could log in and walk up to her and pay their respects. They held the funeral in Wintersprings (sic). They play on a PVP server. They announced the funeral on forums and chatlines.

Can you guess what happened?


Fayejin of Illidan dies in unfortunate circumstances (or at least internet dies, who knows.) A tribute is planned where people can pay their respects in-game.

Quote: “We will be having it at the Frostfire Hot Springs in Winterspring, because she loved to fish in the game (she liked the sound of the water, it was calming for her ) and she loved snow. If you would like to come show your respects please do. We’re planning some cool stuff and we’re going to make a video of it to show her family. 🙂 So I would appreciate it if nobody comes to mess things up.”

Unfortunately (well, fortunately for us), someone does mess things up: Alliance guild Serenity Now. A long line up of horde, not ready for a fight, it’s easy pickings. Red is dead, right?

Quote: “she loved fishing.”
“and snow.”
“and pvp.”

Anger ensues.

Quotes, cribbed from the video: “Yes, its real easy to be an asshole behind a keyboard and get away with it..Shows just how well shit clings to the asshole …Example: azchira and his band of dingleberries.”

“You are added to the to be camped list.”

“Congradulations you have stooped lower then any other guild in MMO history.”

“Your fucking trash, you are not good enuff to lick the dog shit from a beggers boots you fucking degenrate sorry excuses for mentaly retarded humans.”

“I hope azshira’s dad dies of a heart attack, then at the funeral some guy runs in naked and pushes the coffin over and runs around slapping people screaming LOL OWNED, then releases a video of it.”

“Seriously? Ya know why? Because you and all the rest of SN are real life pieces of shit that have nothing better to do then try to grief ppl as hardcore as possible. Instead of being REAL PVPers and entering BGs, you bitch out and gank lowbies and anally crave opportunities such as this one to make yourselves feel good inside, because IRL, ya’ll ain’t shit and ya know it.”

Serenity Now’s final words on the matter: “Sorry for your loss. Yes, we know we are assholes :D”

Debate wasn’t limited to Illidan: see here, here and here.

It has begun!

Please be a chick in real lifeGet your copy yet?  Start your Draenei Shaman or Blood Elf Paladin yet?  Spring for the collector’s edition?

Already people are oggling the new races.  I haven’t seen a Netherwhelp yet, but I look forward to being asked a million times what the code for it was, just like when I run around with Murky.

Sometimes the immature tool on Vent really is 11

I know it’s old news (was on Digg and Joystiq last month), but this clip (alternate flashy video link) of Hobbs from Maelstrom is priceless for those in a cave who haven’t heard it yet.

“Just to let you know, my regular penis is bigger than your boner.
Just ask your mom, she knows.”
“At least I got a mom, unlike your homo dad.”

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