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World of Warcraft Drama » “WoW is Serious Business” (Uncategorized)

Drama on the AH

After the most recent patch, the recipe of Savory Deviate Delight seems to drop far more often. I picked up two while questing in the Northern Barrens. I learned one and checked out the auction house prices. I wanted my second one to sell, but being a chef myself, I didn’t want to sell the recipe at a huge price. I finally stuck it up there as a buyout price for 400g.

A few hours later, a player named Martika whispered me with a “wth?”
Martika: Why would you only charge 400g for the recipe?
Me: Why not?
Martika: It’s a highly sought after very rare drop
Me: So? I’m not someone who gouges other players on the AH. And it’s not rare anymore. I got two of them yesterday. Why do you care?
Martika: Because I have one to sell and idiots like you drive the fair price down. and it’s not fucking GOUGING when you price things appropriately. Go take a class on free economics. And we both know you didn’t get 2 drops in one day. You’ve impressed no one.
Me: Your butthurt is astounding.

After that, she ignored me. So just to let all of you guys know, if you sell something rare for cheap, there are economic majors that’ll come after you.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…

Elitemaiden’s back.

(in case you forgot who she is, read here or here)

Your mama…


  • your mama’s so stupid, she raids elemental
  • your mama’s so fat, her 225 riding skill cost 2,000g
  • your mama’s so fat, the Amani War Bear rides her
  • your mama’s so fat her gnome mage has clipping issues
  • your mama’s so fat Magtheridon looked at her and said “Not Again…NOT AGAIN”
  • your mama’s so fat, she has Plainsrunning as a racial skill
  • your mama’s so fat, she loses two bag slots for her ass
  • Your mama’s so fat, her racial skill is immunity to knockback effects
  • your mama’s so fat, people target her instead of the Ice Lord in AV
  • your mama’s so fat, she could solo Gruul up to 25 grows
  • your mama’s so fat that when a DK uses Death Grip on her he gets pulled across the room
  • your mama’s so fat that the first time she ported to Dal the city crashed back to earth
  • your mama’s so easy, she’s exalted with Booty Bay and Bloodsail Buccaneers
  • your mama’s so fat it took two Molten Giants to tank her
  • Your mama’s so fat, she hacks so she can carry a whole bag full of Mage Table food


  • Your mama’s so fat, Garr flew when she blew up.
  • Your mama’s so nasty, Festergut thinks she smells.
  • Your mama’s so fat, she hits the LFG button and arrives at the instance alone.
  • Your mama’s so fat, her deathknight can only wear cloth.
  • Your mama’s so fat, she used the sunwell as a footbath. And now it needs to be purified again.
  • Your mama’s so nasty, Nat Pagle gets excited when she walks into town.
  • Your mama’s so skanky, she was the original cavern of time.
  • Your mama’s so nasty, she gets AV AFKers to leave the tunnel.


  • your mom’s so fat she got an achievement for managing to stand up for a bio break
  • Your mama’s so fat, her right arm ends up in a different instance than her left arm.
  • your mom’s so fat, she gets a backpack, 2 pouches, and 5 folds to carry stuff in
  • your mom’s so easy she earns reputation points just for being somewhere
  • your mom eats so much she has 2 mages following her around all the time
  • yo mama’s so fat she’s soloing Ahn’Qiraj hoping that a grimoire of atkins drops


  • Your mama’s so fat, she gets her own zone in cataclysm
  • Your mama’s so fat, she looks to abominations for thinspiration
  • Your mama’s so ugly, she uses her face as a special attack
  • Your mama’s so fat, king mosh runs from her footsteps
  • Your mama’s so easy, Garrosh wanted her as a faction in the Horde
  • Your mama’s so fat, the Princess in Maradon was her skinny college roommate
  • Your mama’s so fat, she thinks dual-wielding chicken legs is a good DPS combo
  • Yo mama’s so fat, she has weight watcher’s as an offspec
  • Yo mama’s so fat, she gears for grease

ETA: Whoops, looks like someone’s already doing this. I salute you, wowyomomma.

Age of Conan GM has cyber, gets fired

I know this isn’t World of Warcraft, but it’s just too good not to comment on. A GM from the new Age of Conan game decided to put on his robe and wizard hat with a player.

[]: My panties wont come off :[
[|GM|]: lol its odd looking at a guy character… lol
[|GM|]: in rl?
To []: Huh?
To []: No, in game =[
[|GM|]: your panties wont come off in real life 🙂
[|GM|]: oh…
[|GM|]: I’ll just have to tear them off and have my way lol
To []: YES!!!
To []: Whip out your massive sword too.

Read the whole transcript (and see the screenshots) over at mmorpg.com, read how the GM was fired over the incident, and see a comic about it.

Creeeeeepy! WoW love = jail

Thanks to Todd Conflict for this one:

He writes:

“Some people don’t like that their significant other plays too much WoW, some people travel halfway around the world to pick up an underage guy half their age that they met on WoW.


The story on Kotaku goes like this:

A 31-year-old Australian university student is being held in lieu of $2.35 million bail in North Carolina after allegedly flying there to pick up her 17-year-old World of Warcraft boyfriend and fly him back to Adelaide with her, Pitt County Sheriff’s officials said.

Tamara Broome, who met the teen a year ago in the game, told her roommate that her travel to the U.S. last week had been paid for by the teen’s parents so “they could sort it all out.” Broome’s parents say the whole thing was a set up.

Broome was arrested after stepping off an Amtrak train in South Carolina last Saturday. She faces more than two years in jail if found guilty.

To think, one more year and this would have just been a happy story.

See also here for mainstream news coverage.

Inevitably, the comments bring some LuLz:

“on a side note where are all these lonely 30 something women that keep trying to screw around with underage guys? Don’t they know you can just go to a bar or frat house and at the very least be some guys last resort.”

“I like the whole paying her flight to get her arrested. That’s a bit like buying a car for your kid’s stalker and then getting pissed that they *might* end up in the trunk.”

“Ah, the perils of nerd love.”

” At least it really was a chick.”

“curse you parents! that was his first and only chance in hooking up with a woman, now he’s doomed to do unimaginable things to the night elf dancing animation >.> again.”

” But were they Alliance or Horde?”

Remember to devote time to your friends outside of Azeroth, especially the one you sleep with

Soley asks over in a Livejournal post (locked, but can be seen with a membership in the community):

Let’s say you pissed off your girlfriend enough that she went and deleted your main. Once you get the toon restored you realize that you’re armorless, weaponless & goldless. What, in your experience would be the best way to go about earning some quick money/gear?

Just curious because it just happened to me.

100 plus comments later, some sage advice emerges:

“What a whore. I don’t care how mad my boyfriend and I get at each other, we know full well you don’t fuck with each others toons.”

“Dude, if she’s sadistic enough to do that to you, dump her ass.”

“I don’t know what to suggest that doesn’t involve duct tape and a taser.”

“Type /girlfriendquit

If this is how she is now, forget long-term.”


In the form of 0s and 1s.

If that is more important than a relationship, I don’t know what to say.”

And then it gets blown up onto the general forums (now deleted), and the livejournal “stupid free” community for 400+ comments. WoW, truly, is srs bizness.

“stupid free” choice quotes:

“Sweet gods of fuckery, the number of people calling “dump the whore” there are frightening.

Makes me glad me and the Beloved Hubby know when to step back from the WoW and actually talk…”

“The number of people who are like “WHAT A SKANKY MEAN BITCH, YOU DON’T DO THAT SHIT TO SOMEONE” and then in the same breath are like, “YOU SHOULD POST HER NUDES OR SOMETHING” make me wonder if some people EVER get away from their computers.”

“What a bunch of socially inept retards. It’s nice WoW is more important than tappin’ that ass. My boyfriend is completely obsessed with Socom but he knows having a real life and getting pussy is more important than a fucking video game.”

Nihilum worse than robots; they are Europeans!

So, someone asks a mostly innocuous question about that gatherer of many world firsts, Nihilum:

“Are Nihilum Human?


The best Naxx guilds on my server can’t even get attuned to SSC or TK and these guys have down Vashj ages ago and are upto Kael.

Skillz or hax?”


Leena offers a suggestion:

“nihilium is actually composed of a robots.

they build cars during their day job”

Merda takes this suggestion and runs way, way too far with it:

Well they not robots, they are Europeans. So considering most European countries have a lot of entitlements people can get away with playing WoW for 18 hours a day and don’t have to worry about putting food on there table or a roof over there head.

While us hard working Americans have to work to make our way in life, and carry the rest of the world problems on our shoulders. But I guess that is a discussion for another forum.”

The almost inevitable comments ensue, and it turns out that it is, in fact, not a discussion for any forum other than this one:

“Yes go get killed to another country so europeans can play more wow, it all makes sense now!”

“brainwash much?”

Merda continues unabated:

“Look at more modern events, like the Bosnia conflict. The European nations could not even take care of a problem in there own back yard. We had to come in and take the lead and carry the burden of the load.

And this is the trend that continues, there are things in this world that seek to force there will upon us. And while the EU seeks to shrink military budgets by leaps and bonds every year and increase the entailments to there people. But when things to go wrong in the world they turn to the USA to spill our blood and spend our money to fix the problem.

And if people think that we can just talk to people to solve all the problems this will come up in the future, they are living in a dream world.

A lot of the European countries would love to have a economy like ours, but they are not will to pay the price to get it, and part of that price is to fight to protect our interests.

Believe me if you where to wake up tomorrow and the USA where gone the world would be a lot darker place.”

The rest of the thread devolves into an Iraq War/Global politics slanging match just how we like it, and is summed up nicely by Apathy:

“Things to take from this thread:

1. Nihilum is on the USAID payroll. This explains without a shadow of a doubt why they dominate the World of Warcraft raiding scene.

2. Radical Islam is knocking on Nihilums door to convert them and possibly kill them.

3. Nihilum’s rise to domination of the raid scene began with the entitlement programs set in place by notable historical figures such as Churchill. It is largely rumored he plays a NE hunter in Method.

4. Merda is a retard.


The europeans are also very pleased at the attention they’re getting:

“Oh, great. Someone actually knows Europe isn’t a country. He says that the world would want an economy like theirs, I just look at their educational system. I seriously got asked the question, in America, by an American, who was speaking English, if, get this, I spoke English… I will hold back my cynicism about America when more than 50% of their population can point out Holland on an atlas.”

“Lol priceless indeed. America’s excuse for not dominating the World of Warcraft is they have to dominate the real world. For all our best interests of course.

I feel sorry for all the smart/educated Americans who are being humiliated by their stereotype countrymen once again!

The really sad thing is of course that they feel that performance in a computer game is a matter of national pride. We should invite them to participate in the Eurovision song festival, see how they cope with the humiliations involved in that! :-D”

A story of life, love, and WoW

Kerensky, a human mage from Archimonde, meets a woman through WoW. A real life female, for reals.

Some might call me a fool, some might call me a sucker. I may be a hopeless romantic looking for love in all the wrong places, some may say I no idea what that word really means. What I do know is I did something, I took a risk and grabbed it by the horns.

What follows is a long story of how things don’t quite work out for him the way he hoped for. In case it gets deleted, the full text will be reproduced at the end of this article. Entertaining moments include his measurement of time (how long he’s known the woman, length of their trip together) completely within WoW terms. Just as entertaining, if not more so, is the outpouring of support, mockery, and advice from the WoW community’s cadre of elite relationship experts.

“hopeless romantic” …??? i hope this experience has taught you to start acting like a man!!! unless you are a girl, then this story was HOT”

“dude, you got used. end of story.

don’t be bitter about it though, it’s just in their nature. just please don’t get suckered again by another sob story.”

Continue reading…

Volition is not a good guild

Thanks to an anonymous contributor:

Members of Volition, a guild on Bleeding Hollow (that transferred from The Forgotten Coast) got some nifty karma after constantly claiming they would be the #1 guild on the server and that everyone else would be in awe of them….

This thread that was here (sadly deleted) set it up:

Well ladies and gentelmen, last night, Volition members Johnnluc and Doanald (AKA THEDONNY, Track # 7, Paper trail records) found themselves with their pants down, literally. for some time, i pretended to be a girl amongst the Volition ranks as a 70 mage. in the process of my joining the guild, Doanald revealed secrets that should never even be spoken over the internet, and Johnnluc was recorded/ screenshotted saying he wishes to get me intoxicated to do sexual acts to me, and MUCH MUCH MORE from both members of volition. while the footage and recordings are being put together since there is over 150 SS and an hour of vent recordings, i thought i would go ahead and let everyone in on why alliance trade/nagrand general was spammed, and IRC invaded. while i did alot of the work, many other people were involved in the process, you will all be thanked in the big post with all the footage. The main post should be ready in a few days, i hope you enjoy it.


A follow-up post was quickly put up after the YTMNDs were discovered, sadly, that was also deleted. Luckily for us, it was then replaced with this one:

So for those who dont know, i pretended to be a girl in the guild “volition”. i recieved an epic my first day in the guild in kara, got a free 2v2 team paid for by the well known, Doanald, and he also gave me consumables for raids. Johnluc, who didnt even seem like that bad of a guy, just got horney and talked to the wrong character at the wrong time. Johnluc told me he was good with his tongue and wanted to have repeated sexual acts with me over ventrilo and ingame chat. John found out while he was cyberingwith me that i was a girl when i yelled, “can i bust my $%$ in your eye!” It sucks i had to rush this post out, but it worked out all the same. Thanks go out to Smogen, for hooking me up in the first place. also i would like to thank Bodynok, Spuure, Teez, stylux, Lotho, Xaen, and all the guys who knew and were in on it. i hope you enjoy this and thanks most of all to Doanald (AKA paper trail/fail records, track #7, thedonny) and Johnnluc for making all this possible.




Written quotes: “BuT i have worked and co-produced for snoopdog and franchise boys last cd”

Voice quotes: “I’ll give you my address and you can fuck my gun.”

“Why are you so pussy?”

Bravado much, methinks?


Written quote: “i guess i’d have to find out get you drunk so you’d let me cum in your mouth too”

Voice quote: “Come on really, can we just grow up?”

We eagerly await the full compliment of screenshots.

While we were gone: The Bad: Mexican WoW player gets beaten up

A news story emerges:

Mexico City, Mexico-(MH)-Mexican World of Warcraft player Bronco Carson reported to local police on Saturday that 3 men broke into his home and beat his arms with clubs and smashed his computer. It was supposedly in retaliation for Carson stalking and repeatedly killing one of the attackers wife’s character during computer video game play.

Carson admitted to police that he had been “making it hard for her to get far in the game.” He said that after repeated online threats from the woman, she sent her husband and friends over to his house to “take care of him.” Carson later said that he had made the mistake of telling her where he lived and “if her husband was man enough to just come meet me to settle this.”

In the usual way, the keyboard warriors emerge:

“That f*ck deserved every beating he got. Stalking, provocation, insults etc. had he been doing that IRL he had a bullet in his head.

Don’t start something you can’t finish!”

Btw, the ones who doesn’t like the IRL violence part – note that that wanker actually asked to get f*cked up, left out his address and all.”


But this begs the question: When is drama not really drama?

And the answer? When it’s completely fabricated.

The story caused a stir initially, until WoW Insider flags it as being likely to be fake, and some deductive logic is used. We must all be vigilant in our quest for the LOLz! That being said, I vote for Griftah to be renamed “Bronco Carson.”

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