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World of Warcraft Drama » “I just missed…again!” (PvP)

11 year old kid has his twink leveled through a trick, cries

Since kids crying seems to get the most love, why not share more of that?

Classic WoW Drama, Vol. 2: Serenity Now

In a game with 7 millon plus players, drama of some type is inevitable, and usually constant. Hell, in any gathering of two or more people, drama of some type is inevitable, and usually constant. Even in this constant stream, however, there are some dramas that rise above to become known throughout the WoWsphere. They become… Classic WoW Drama.

There was a woman who really enjoyed playing WoW. She died of a stroke. Her friends and guild members decided to hold an online funeral for her, in-game, so that anyone who wished could log in and walk up to her and pay their respects. They held the funeral in Wintersprings (sic). They play on a PVP server. They announced the funeral on forums and chatlines.

Can you guess what happened?


Fayejin of Illidan dies in unfortunate circumstances (or at least internet dies, who knows.) A tribute is planned where people can pay their respects in-game.

Quote: “We will be having it at the Frostfire Hot Springs in Winterspring, because she loved to fish in the game (she liked the sound of the water, it was calming for her ) and she loved snow. If you would like to come show your respects please do. We’re planning some cool stuff and we’re going to make a video of it to show her family. 🙂 So I would appreciate it if nobody comes to mess things up.”

Unfortunately (well, fortunately for us), someone does mess things up: Alliance guild Serenity Now. A long line up of horde, not ready for a fight, it’s easy pickings. Red is dead, right?

Quote: “she loved fishing.”
“and snow.”
“and pvp.”

Anger ensues.

Quotes, cribbed from the video: “Yes, its real easy to be an asshole behind a keyboard and get away with it..Shows just how well shit clings to the asshole …Example: azchira and his band of dingleberries.”

“You are added to the to be camped list.”

“Congradulations you have stooped lower then any other guild in MMO history.”

“Your fucking trash, you are not good enuff to lick the dog shit from a beggers boots you fucking degenrate sorry excuses for mentaly retarded humans.”

“I hope azshira’s dad dies of a heart attack, then at the funeral some guy runs in naked and pushes the coffin over and runs around slapping people screaming LOL OWNED, then releases a video of it.”

“Seriously? Ya know why? Because you and all the rest of SN are real life pieces of shit that have nothing better to do then try to grief ppl as hardcore as possible. Instead of being REAL PVPers and entering BGs, you bitch out and gank lowbies and anally crave opportunities such as this one to make yourselves feel good inside, because IRL, ya’ll ain’t shit and ya know it.”

Serenity Now’s final words on the matter: “Sorry for your loss. Yes, we know we are assholes :D”

Debate wasn’t limited to Illidan: see here, here and here.

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