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World of Warcraft Drama » Meta

Blizzcon photos

Blizzcon is over, and what an event it was. Highlights include the guy (who managed to ask an annoying question at just about every panel) being booed away from the microphone for suggesting that the respec fee be increased. Retadin tears flowed like water through almost every panel, including panels that had little to do with class balance. Hearing a crowd of rabid WoWers chant “QQ” over and over as if they were at a metal concert was truly epic.

Expect drama over the Death Knight announcement, over some of the hilarious comments made by Blizzard employees over the course of the weekend (“this session isn’t for your welfare epics, this is for those who EARN their epics.”), and over throwaway comments taken and overanalyzed to their worst possible conclusion. WoW, after all, is serious business.

My photographs from the event can be found here, on Flickr. This one is my favorite, as it sums up the source for some of the most common guildie on guildie drama:




Eddie Bax and I are currently in lovely Anaheim, California for Blizzcon. We’ll throw some name badges on or something. Tell us your best drama and we’ll buy you a drink. Buy us a drink, and we’ll pretend to laugh at your stories.

UPDATE: Yes, they included hand sanitizer with the schwag. Make of that what you will.

The winners

Congratulations to our winners, epilogue and Chapsticky! Kingfox will email you soon with details of your prizes.

The winning posts were: Kids crying over loot

and Guild drama.

As a side issue, we’ve got plenty to drama to come, thanks to the people sending it in, I’ve just been too lazy to format it. Stay tuned!

Drama Contest voting

Because Kingfox is lazy, evil and wishes me ill, I have taken it upon myself to collate votes for the drama contest we had a while back, so as to distribute these gamecards burning a hole in our pockets:

The three posts we received are:

1. Raid leader ninjas guild.

2. Kids crying over loot.

3. Guild drama.

Please send an email with either 1, 2 or 3 in the header of the email to baxdrama@gmail.com to vote for your favorite.

EDIT: Voting finishes midnight EST, Friday May 18, or whenever I decide to cut you off, whichever comes first.

While we were gone: The Good, pt. 1: More Elitemaiden

We may have been sitting idle, posting-wise, but we’re always on the lookout for LOLz. Our resident artist has drawn us some emo characters to pretty up the mainpage. Both the emo undead and emo Night Elf show that WoW, truly, is serious business.

On with the show. Drama, like rust, never sleeps.

Just like a Spaghetti Western, there’s the good, bad and ugly of WoW drama.

We’re gonna start with the Good: Elitemaiden, whom we’ve chronicled here before, creates some meta-drama in the comments of our post about her.

“So why are you guys swallowing all this cow dung anyways?

Who is crazy? Is it not this person who’s real life is DESTROYED by wow or an epic mage who you all troll because your lives have no meaning?”

-Elitemaiden exclusively.

There’s all sorts of other gems in them thar comments, too – two levels of meta-drama, those directly involving Elitemaiden, and those not:

For whit, level 1:

“Hey meta

You are nothing but a gutless prick. Seriously what you have said goes beyond reproach.

ANd who the hell are you to decide what should go punished and unpunished. You seriously sicken me with this retoric of yours.

If you read this again, and I hope you do, I hope you think about what you have done. I hope you think about the criomes that you have commited.

You won you reckon? The only thing you won metazare is nothing more than having the distinction of being a blight on society”


“Arkell, blow off. How dare you acuse of bullying people on Hyjal. The only fault that was made was not realizing earlier that you couldn’t hack it with the rest of us. So how bout you get out from behind Elitemaidens piss flaps and be a man by droppin this peddly crap about Meta and how you hate him so much. Grow a sack, fill it with some balls, and move on. I had no issues with you, but when you attack Krieg and everyone in it, well then I take offense to that. P.O.P.”


And level 2:

“That’s really kind of funny considering you ruined Atala’s life flirting with him every day. I think when he found out you were in fact a married adulteress, he finally quit wow.”

-The EM herself, to Desideria

But the best was yet to come…

January/February Drama Contest

wowgamecard.jpgObviously, we can’t be on every server watching the drama that goes down. We’ve got to hit level 70, and help our fish head shammy or BE pally guildies get up there to raid with us! So we depend on you, the readers, to sometimes find the good dirt for us. So to reward you for your great stories, this month we’re going to give the authors of the top two submitted bits of drama 60 day prepaid cards. That’s right, you show us how scary the World of Warcraft can be, and we’ll feed your addiction. We know that’s like having a track mark contest and giving the winner free heroin. Show us your best RP server melodrama, your best PVP server griefing bitchfest, whatever you’ve got.

Just use the handy submission form to your right, send any screenshots or additional files to wowdrama@gmail.com, and we’ll take a look. We don’t care if it’s drama you’ve started, just make you submit it to us yourself before someone else does. We’ll throw up a public vote for drama submitted between now and February 18th, and voting will close on February 25th. The winners can have the card mailed to them or just the code emailed to them, their choice. Good luck!

Feline Poop!

So, this is the initial post of WoWdrama.org! After having registered the domain name a year ago, I think it’s about time I get things rolling. The expansion pack is coming out soon, and that means tons of drama. Guilds splitting due to the drop from 40-man to 25-man raid content, people using this as an excuse to burn bridges, and those who are rerolling for the patch and leaving drama in their wake. Already it’s an entertaining time for those who enjoy reading other’s drama, so time to start listing it!

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