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World of Warcraft Drama » WoWDrama F.A.Q.

WoWDrama F.A.Q.

So Why WoWDrama.org?
Kingfox: I’m a huge fan of (the now defunct) LJDrama.org. Internet drama is always hilarious, and LiveJournal provided an ample supply of LULz. Who could forget the BDSM drama as a sub cheated on their master with a different master, and the original master demanded (and got) the other master’s sub? Who could forget the furry taking a one way bus ride out to meet the furry woman of his dreams, only to find a young boy pulling a prank on him? Who could forget the fake deaths, threats of lawsuits, and painful poetry over the years?

World of Warcraft, with over seven eight million players, is a prime source for even more drama. While I know that LiveJournal is people cataloging their own personal or fake lives and World of Warcraft is just a game, most people seem to have forgotten that. Just a quick perusal of any WoW forum is proof positive that the internet is serious business. You’ve got loot drama, guild drama, PVP drama, drama of every type imaginable. Drama over a virtual item that’s easily obtained being wrongfully taken from a character. And people get so worked up over WoW, it’s side-splittingly entertaining at times.

Eddie Bax: I’m just in it for the LULz.

How do I submit drama?
Drama can currently be submitted through this handy form. Any screenshots or further files can be sent to wowdrama@gmail.com. Please, take screenshots! Attach them! SS or it didn’t happen, after all.

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