WoWDrama F.A.Q.

So Why
Kingfox: I’m a huge fan of (the now defunct) Internet drama is always hilarious, and LiveJournal provided an ample supply of LULz. Who could forget the BDSM drama as a sub cheated on their master with a different master, and the original master demanded (and got) the other master’s sub? Who could forget the furry taking a one way bus ride out to meet the furry woman of his dreams, only to find a young boy pulling a prank on him? Who could forget the fake deaths, threats of lawsuits, and painful poetry over the years?

World of Warcraft, with over seven eight million players, is a prime source for even more drama. While I know that LiveJournal is people cataloging their own personal or fake lives and World of Warcraft is just a game, most people seem to have forgotten that. Just a quick perusal of any WoW forum is proof positive that the internet is serious business. You’ve got loot drama, guild drama, PVP drama, drama of every type imaginable. Drama over a virtual item that’s easily obtained being wrongfully taken from a character. And people get so worked up over WoW, it’s side-splittingly entertaining at times.

Eddie Bax: I’m just in it for the LULz.

How do I submit drama?
Drama can currently be submitted through this handy form. Any screenshots or further files can be sent to Please, take screenshots! Attach them! SS or it didn’t happen, after all.

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