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World of Warcraft Drama

Drama on the AH

After the most recent patch, the recipe of Savory Deviate Delight seems to drop far more often. I picked up two while questing in the Northern Barrens. I learned one and checked out the auction house prices. I wanted my second one to sell, but being a chef myself, I didn’t want to sell the recipe at a huge price. I finally stuck it up there as a buyout price for 400g.

A few hours later, a player named Martika whispered me with a “wth?”
Martika: Why would you only charge 400g for the recipe?
Me: Why not?
Martika: It’s a highly sought after very rare drop
Me: So? I’m not someone who gouges other players on the AH. And it’s not rare anymore. I got two of them yesterday. Why do you care?
Martika: Because I have one to sell and idiots like you drive the fair price down. and it’s not fucking GOUGING when you price things appropriately. Go take a class on free economics. And we both know you didn’t get 2 drops in one day. You’ve impressed no one.
Me: Your butthurt is astounding.

After that, she ignored me. So just to let all of you guys know, if you sell something rare for cheap, there are economic majors that’ll come after you.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…

Elitemaiden’s back.

(in case you forgot who she is, read here or here)

Your mama…


  • your mama’s so stupid, she raids elemental
  • your mama’s so fat, her 225 riding skill cost 2,000g
  • your mama’s so fat, the Amani War Bear rides her
  • your mama’s so fat her gnome mage has clipping issues
  • your mama’s so fat Magtheridon looked at her and said “Not Again…NOT AGAIN”
  • your mama’s so fat, she has Plainsrunning as a racial skill
  • your mama’s so fat, she loses two bag slots for her ass
  • Your mama’s so fat, her racial skill is immunity to knockback effects
  • your mama’s so fat, people target her instead of the Ice Lord in AV
  • your mama’s so fat, she could solo Gruul up to 25 grows
  • your mama’s so fat that when a DK uses Death Grip on her he gets pulled across the room
  • your mama’s so fat that the first time she ported to Dal the city crashed back to earth
  • your mama’s so easy, she’s exalted with Booty Bay and Bloodsail Buccaneers
  • your mama’s so fat it took two Molten Giants to tank her
  • Your mama’s so fat, she hacks so she can carry a whole bag full of Mage Table food


  • Your mama’s so fat, Garr flew when she blew up.
  • Your mama’s so nasty, Festergut thinks she smells.
  • Your mama’s so fat, she hits the LFG button and arrives at the instance alone.
  • Your mama’s so fat, her deathknight can only wear cloth.
  • Your mama’s so fat, she used the sunwell as a footbath. And now it needs to be purified again.
  • Your mama’s so nasty, Nat Pagle gets excited when she walks into town.
  • Your mama’s so skanky, she was the original cavern of time.
  • Your mama’s so nasty, she gets AV AFKers to leave the tunnel.


  • your mom’s so fat she got an achievement for managing to stand up for a bio break
  • Your mama’s so fat, her right arm ends up in a different instance than her left arm.
  • your mom’s so fat, she gets a backpack, 2 pouches, and 5 folds to carry stuff in
  • your mom’s so easy she earns reputation points just for being somewhere
  • your mom eats so much she has 2 mages following her around all the time
  • yo mama’s so fat she’s soloing Ahn’Qiraj hoping that a grimoire of atkins drops


  • Your mama’s so fat, she gets her own zone in cataclysm
  • Your mama’s so fat, she looks to abominations for thinspiration
  • Your mama’s so ugly, she uses her face as a special attack
  • Your mama’s so fat, king mosh runs from her footsteps
  • Your mama’s so easy, Garrosh wanted her as a faction in the Horde
  • Your mama’s so fat, the Princess in Maradon was her skinny college roommate
  • Your mama’s so fat, she thinks dual-wielding chicken legs is a good DPS combo
  • Yo mama’s so fat, she has weight watcher’s as an offspec
  • Yo mama’s so fat, she gears for grease

ETA: Whoops, looks like someone’s already doing this. I salute you, wowyomomma.

11 year old kid has his twink leveled through a trick, cries

Since kids crying seems to get the most love, why not share more of that?

Age of Conan GM has cyber, gets fired

I know this isn’t World of Warcraft, but it’s just too good not to comment on. A GM from the new Age of Conan game decided to put on his robe and wizard hat with a player.

[]: My panties wont come off :[
[|GM|]: lol its odd looking at a guy character… lol
[|GM|]: in rl?
To []: Huh?
To []: No, in game =[
[|GM|]: your panties wont come off in real life 🙂
[|GM|]: oh…
[|GM|]: I’ll just have to tear them off and have my way lol
To []: YES!!!
To []: Whip out your massive sword too.

Read the whole transcript (and see the screenshots) over at mmorpg.com, read how the GM was fired over the incident, and see a comic about it.

Rogue given Thori’dal over two hunters, legendary QQ

Analogkid, a rogue in Area 52‘s Vicarious, now has a complete set of legendary weapons. That’s right, both warglaives and Thori’dal. He’s more orange than that guy on Scrubs. Sure, there were two hunters who didn’t have it in the raid, but they were new to the guild. This rogue had been raiding with them since Karazhan, always shows up, and even uses consumables on trash! Clearly, he deserved it more!

Thori'dal, The Stars' Fury

Hunters don’t necessarily agree with the guildmaster’s decision. Gkicks ensue, drama spills onto the forums and other forums and other websites. Sit back and /popcorn away.

I am a TAILOR!

Great outburst over the distribution of a tailoring pattern from a PUG on Hellscream. Hear someone lose their shit on Ventrilo. Twenty minutes of whining, bitching, insults, and mockery.

edrama–Sunwell-on-HellscreamHosted by Putfile.com

Uldum Horde gets dramatic

Ah, drama. Sorry for our long absence from posting, but we’ve been busy doing other things that are less dramatic than this site requires. However, Uldum, that most wayward of backwater realms, has really stirred up the Hornet’s nest. Now it’s long been true that self-styled “High-End” raiding guilds are competitive with one another; some directly, some indirectly. So what happens when the furthest-progressed raiding guild on Uldum-Alliance, Poor Play, manages to bring the Iron Fist of Justice to Illidan? Well, the other progressed guilds on Uldum, especially the Horde guilds, start sniping at each other. It begins, as it always does, with an innocent recruitment post from Gentlemen’s Club, the most progressed Horde guild on the server:

LF healing Priest/Resto Shaman

Sounds innocent, no? Well, it’s not long before the trolls start in:


“Oh crap! Time for any guild not as far progressed as GC to hold onto there members! Here comes the Nova-like poaching of the ”gearing up” guilds. Somethings never change. “

And then we get the tired, weak defenses:


Meh, it’s not like we’re posting recruitment threads on the forums of other guilds lol. With recruitment as hard as it is, we’re just trying to get the word out to those skilled players who may have slid through the cracks =).

Some arbitrary, player-specific sniping by low-level alts:


Q u o t e: Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………


Here’s Sirloine for you.

Last 30 Days: 37% of raids
Last 60 Days: 37% of raids
Last 90 Days: 41% of raids
Lifetime (02/12/07 – 10/07/07): 45% of raids

Quite a stelar raiding track record….maybe they should take you off our hands.

And then we had back to some quality complaining about poaching by anonymous cowards:


42. Re: LF healing Priest/Resto Shaman | 10/23/2007 04:51:42 AM PDT

Why isnt this thread just in SB’s recruitment thread,since we all know they have the only other attuned priests on the server…what cracks skilled players fell through ,no one outside of GC knows…..

Things devolve much further below the break.

Continue reading…

Blizzcon photos

Blizzcon is over, and what an event it was. Highlights include the guy (who managed to ask an annoying question at just about every panel) being booed away from the microphone for suggesting that the respec fee be increased. Retadin tears flowed like water through almost every panel, including panels that had little to do with class balance. Hearing a crowd of rabid WoWers chant “QQ” over and over as if they were at a metal concert was truly epic.

Expect drama over the Death Knight announcement, over some of the hilarious comments made by Blizzard employees over the course of the weekend (“this session isn’t for your welfare epics, this is for those who EARN their epics.”), and over throwaway comments taken and overanalyzed to their worst possible conclusion. WoW, after all, is serious business.

My photographs from the event can be found here, on Flickr. This one is my favorite, as it sums up the source for some of the most common guildie on guildie drama:




Eddie Bax and I are currently in lovely Anaheim, California for Blizzcon. We’ll throw some name badges on or something. Tell us your best drama and we’ll buy you a drink. Buy us a drink, and we’ll pretend to laugh at your stories.

UPDATE: Yes, they included hand sanitizer with the schwag. Make of that what you will.

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