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World of Warcraft Drama » Blog Archive » Uldum Horde gets dramatic

Uldum Horde gets dramatic

Ah, drama. Sorry for our long absence from posting, but we’ve been busy doing other things that are less dramatic than this site requires. However, Uldum, that most wayward of backwater realms, has really stirred up the Hornet’s nest. Now it’s long been true that self-styled “High-End” raiding guilds are competitive with one another; some directly, some indirectly. So what happens when the furthest-progressed raiding guild on Uldum-Alliance, Poor Play, manages to bring the Iron Fist of Justice to Illidan? Well, the other progressed guilds on Uldum, especially the Horde guilds, start sniping at each other. It begins, as it always does, with an innocent recruitment post from Gentlemen’s Club, the most progressed Horde guild on the server:

LF healing Priest/Resto Shaman

Sounds innocent, no? Well, it’s not long before the trolls start in:


“Oh crap! Time for any guild not as far progressed as GC to hold onto there members! Here comes the Nova-like poaching of the ”gearing up” guilds. Somethings never change. “

And then we get the tired, weak defenses:


Meh, it’s not like we’re posting recruitment threads on the forums of other guilds lol. With recruitment as hard as it is, we’re just trying to get the word out to those skilled players who may have slid through the cracks =).

Some arbitrary, player-specific sniping by low-level alts:


Q u o t e: Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………


Here’s Sirloine for you.

Last 30 Days: 37% of raids
Last 60 Days: 37% of raids
Last 90 Days: 41% of raids
Lifetime (02/12/07 – 10/07/07): 45% of raids

Quite a stelar raiding track record….maybe they should take you off our hands.

And then we had back to some quality complaining about poaching by anonymous cowards:


42. Re: LF healing Priest/Resto Shaman | 10/23/2007 04:51:42 AM PDT

Why isnt this thread just in SB’s recruitment thread,since we all know they have the only other attuned priests on the server…what cracks skilled players fell through ,no one outside of GC knows…..

Things devolve much further below the break.

And now, the patented troll-tag-team (always a favorite around here), combining both a poaching complaint and a dig at a guild further down (because it’s always important, when being somewhere near the top, but not the top, to abuse those beneath you.):


Maybe our Priests haven’t seen this thread yet, I’ll be sure to link it on the forums so we can loose even more members to GC. Hopefully LOL Skeleton Crew can kill Kael soon so they can start stealing there members instead.


Then i would strongly suggest that a GC officer rename and retype this thread to: ATTN SB and SC priests! Have ya lost a lot of your friends to Gentlemens Club? Well,we have a spot for you! Right after you use your guild to get keyed for Hyjal,let us take you off there hands by giving you an endless repair bill from countless mundane boss attempt wipes cause wed rather have our buddies raid with us then skilled ppl.Who cares that we suck at 7 month old content,but were the best the server has!,even if we have 3/4 of uldum in our guild WE WANT YOU!

And now the thread takes a turn for the worst, as a Gentlemen’s Club officer feeds on troll-bait, and attempts the pervasively futile “Legitimate Argument” maneuver:


Meh, w/e. We just killed a really hard boss (Reliquary of Souls) that our members/officers were proud of, so we thought we’d use it as an opportunity to bump our recruitment thread. /yawn @”poaching” of SB/SC players. It’s a 2-way street: some players from SB has joined us and we’ve also had 2 mages in our guild join SB (poor mage leadership imo!). I don’t think we’ve had anyone in the last few months join us from skelly crew except Vred. But he’s been god-awful so we’ve been trying to send him back. In the end, it’s all about finding a place you enjoy playing.

And now, because no thread is a good thread without some personal conflict, for no apparent reason, the drama gets amplified via introduction of a long-standing vendetta:


LOL. This thread is getting better and better, with all the SB hate from forum trolls, and even Brando popping in to rag on Blinkie, I mean wow, old times.

Ztorm, remind me, who was the top caster DPS on ROS last nights kill ;)? If any one would be voted off the Island, it would be you for letting a ret pally in the raid =P! Oh crap.. secrets outta the bag..

*runs before Brando enters thread, finds out GC used a ret pally for one boss and doesn’t let us live it down, ever*

Karmen (aka Brando):

Why would I care that GC used a Ret pally and how was I ragging on Blinkie? You really are full of yourself Vred to say the least. Grats on that……

As far as this recruiting stuff, this is a game. I doubt the world is going to stop spinning on it’s axis just because people make their own choices as far as how they’ll spend their time and money vis-a-vis WOW guilds. Other than more fodder for the trolls this is really non-issue much along the lines that Sirloine is saying.

More gas for the flames:


You GC officers really are thick-headed. You come out and say your not here to poach SB/SC’s priests,yet the post is made on a server where 2 guilds could possibly meet your criteria. Im not sure about you guys,but this is a direct attempt to undermine our already thinned guilds so you can kill one boss,just to stroke your epeen harder in forums. GC has been a ruthless guild who dumps RL FRIENDS for ppl in the game who send them primals…… So tell me GC officers,who exactly fell through the cracks out here that your in so desperate need for? Did you ask any of your 300 spectators if theyd like a chance? Did you post this in guild recruitment thread,to get more ebayed priests like your most recent? Especially for the most part only us and 2 others even have killed a boss in SSC.

More Vendetta:


Damn straight I’m full of myself! I love me so much. Ragging on Blinkie? The way I read your post it seemed like a bash. And you seem to cling off the balls of ret pallies so much I thought you’d be happy to see a high end guild using one. Oh well, somethings never change.


Haha, yeah since GC used a Ret pally that means it’s A-OK for everybody. You’re a moron.


As are you. OI Brando, do you have a WSS report for whiney bad guild leading? Cause thats the only WSS you’ll ever top. Ass

Pwnt! I’m telling you, this is some solid, solid drama. But lets move away from that, and back to lame justifications and inter-guild sniping:


Wow, 3 bosses ahead of us after our guild lost 85% of our members in early BC and couldn’t field even a 10 man kara raid for a month or more, and then broke again at Kael and didn’t even see him for a month and a half or 2 months, no one really cares. Learn some humility. Neither guild is the golden child of the horde. If you think we’re done, think again. You’ve seen what we’ve gone through before, and we’ll go through it again probably. Doesn’t mean we won’t be on top of your asses again. Unlikely as it may seem. (This isn’t directed at GC, just the idiots posting.)



Q u o t e: … Why would you post a recruitment thread in the server forums when you know the only people who could possibly fill the requirements are from two other progressing guilds if not to stir crap up? I mean, you have armory, can’t you just contact the few people who meet your requirements in game directly? Wouldn’t that get results without all the fuss?


This has been SB’s tactic with recruiting SC folks. Probably why when I brought up taking a potential SB recruit to get his Vashj vial, the other officers said “No thanks”, but not so nicely, not even for 5k gold.


Q u o t e: Do you have any idea what your talking about?


Why yes, yes I do. Because it has been done while we are raiding and the whisperee says “Hey, I’m getting a whisper from someone in SB about leaving you losers and joining a real guild.” Has happened more than once, maybe it was not the officers but some random member that thought they should have more of class x.

This thread even gets a Public Defender-type, striving to right wrongs and defend the weak:


To anyone in SB who is butt-hurt that some people have left your uild to join a guild that is further in raid progression:

Get over it. Don’t take it personally when people leave your guild because they are loot!!#!!s and unwilling to stick it out through the tough times. Just keep their name on a list and never give them any sign of respect again.

To Lolwutlol: Ye who has consistently attempted to insult every other horde guild because they are not at the forefront of raid progression should not show up on a forum thread that fully shows another horde guild’s raid progression dominance over the guild to which you claim to belong. On another note, maybe you should just start claiming to be in GC from now on (no offense meant toward GC).

To Yurtray: Ye who will hide his identity, thereby giving up all claim to any accomplishments, has no right to question the accomplishments of others (least of all, Nightfall). Your very existence in this thread undermines the point you wanted to make when you showed up. To Megantic: You, sir, are the winner. That is all.

To Vredesbyrd: Stop caring about SC already. Please. For the love of all that is left of these forums.

To Mallinda: Thank you for buying all that adamantite ore. You supported the purchase of my epic flying mount and possibly the college education of my as yet unborn children.

To Johnnyheat: You probably don’t remember this at all but one day when I was levelling up (you were only a few levels higher than me) you helped me kill those elite dragons in the Badlands for a quest. You didn’t need it. You saw me doing it solo and failing miserably and you offered to help. This is the kind of person I look for in a guildie when it is my responsibility to do so. Although I’ve never interacted with you ingame other than that day (unless it was on an alt that I didn’t know about) I’m certain that with you actively leading SB Mitur’s conviction to catch up to GC will become reality. Good luck and tell that noob Barthug I said hi. p.s. I remember EVERYTHING.

And last, but certainly not least, the intimation that the leadership of Gentlemen’s Club is subtle, like the serpent:



Q u o t e: TBH, we’ve had more drama on this damn recruitment pots than in our entire guild’s existence. So maybe it’s just uldum history, seeing how the majority of people who posted were here pre-BC


GC is very good at avoiding external drama, and is run by some smart people. Posting this topic here, and now, was no doubt well thought out. So subtle, as if completely benign, and surely motivated by intention true to the original post’s content. Again, GC is run by some very smart people. And I don’t intent to be disparaging, a mousetrap is harmless to the sated mouse.

From the perspective of a fine conoisseur of drama, whinging, crying and hand-wringing, this thread delivers. It’s a like great, thick steamy goulash of wailing and salt tears. Amazing what a hit to the self-confidence will do to a server’s raiding community. From those of us here at Wowdrama.org, we salute you, Uldum Horde! You have enlivened our workday!

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    That was epic, definitely some high-quality drama.

  4. Fateblade:

    As a member of SB who’s been watching the thread evolve, as modern day poetry, I say to you Thanks for enjoying it too. Truly, lolwutlol is a man among men.

    Viva La Ascii!!!!!!!!!

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    This is some pathetic drama.

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    Sounds like the entire server needs an EliteMaiden or 6….

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    “Sounds like the entire server needs an EliteMaiden or 6….”

    You, sir, are an evil person. I would never wish that on anyone…that I’ve come across in the game so far.

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    Uldum alliance ftw!

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