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World of Warcraft Drama » 2007 » July

Creeeeeepy! WoW love = jail

Thanks to Todd Conflict for this one:

He writes:

“Some people don’t like that their significant other plays too much WoW, some people travel halfway around the world to pick up an underage guy half their age that they met on WoW.


The story on Kotaku goes like this:

A 31-year-old Australian university student is being held in lieu of $2.35 million bail in North Carolina after allegedly flying there to pick up her 17-year-old World of Warcraft boyfriend and fly him back to Adelaide with her, Pitt County Sheriff’s officials said.

Tamara Broome, who met the teen a year ago in the game, told her roommate that her travel to the U.S. last week had been paid for by the teen’s parents so “they could sort it all out.” Broome’s parents say the whole thing was a set up.

Broome was arrested after stepping off an Amtrak train in South Carolina last Saturday. She faces more than two years in jail if found guilty.

To think, one more year and this would have just been a happy story.

See also here for mainstream news coverage.

Inevitably, the comments bring some LuLz:

“on a side note where are all these lonely 30 something women that keep trying to screw around with underage guys? Don’t they know you can just go to a bar or frat house and at the very least be some guys last resort.”

“I like the whole paying her flight to get her arrested. That’s a bit like buying a car for your kid’s stalker and then getting pissed that they *might* end up in the trunk.”

“Ah, the perils of nerd love.”

” At least it really was a chick.”

“curse you parents! that was his first and only chance in hooking up with a woman, now he’s doomed to do unimaginable things to the night elf dancing animation >.> again.”

” But were they Alliance or Horde?”

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