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World of Warcraft Drama » Nihilum worse than robots; they are Europeans!

Nihilum worse than robots; they are Europeans!

So, someone asks a mostly innocuous question about that gatherer of many world firsts, Nihilum:

“Are Nihilum Human?


The best Naxx guilds on my server can’t even get attuned to SSC or TK and these guys have down Vashj ages ago and are upto Kael.

Skillz or hax?”


Leena offers a suggestion:

“nihilium is actually composed of a robots.

they build cars during their day job”

Merda takes this suggestion and runs way, way too far with it:

Well they not robots, they are Europeans. So considering most European countries have a lot of entitlements people can get away with playing WoW for 18 hours a day and don’t have to worry about putting food on there table or a roof over there head.

While us hard working Americans have to work to make our way in life, and carry the rest of the world problems on our shoulders. But I guess that is a discussion for another forum.”

The almost inevitable comments ensue, and it turns out that it is, in fact, not a discussion for any forum other than this one:

“Yes go get killed to another country so europeans can play more wow, it all makes sense now!”

“brainwash much?”

Merda continues unabated:

“Look at more modern events, like the Bosnia conflict. The European nations could not even take care of a problem in there own back yard. We had to come in and take the lead and carry the burden of the load.

And this is the trend that continues, there are things in this world that seek to force there will upon us. And while the EU seeks to shrink military budgets by leaps and bonds every year and increase the entailments to there people. But when things to go wrong in the world they turn to the USA to spill our blood and spend our money to fix the problem.

And if people think that we can just talk to people to solve all the problems this will come up in the future, they are living in a dream world.

A lot of the European countries would love to have a economy like ours, but they are not will to pay the price to get it, and part of that price is to fight to protect our interests.

Believe me if you where to wake up tomorrow and the USA where gone the world would be a lot darker place.”

The rest of the thread devolves into an Iraq War/Global politics slanging match just how we like it, and is summed up nicely by Apathy:

“Things to take from this thread:

1. Nihilum is on the USAID payroll. This explains without a shadow of a doubt why they dominate the World of Warcraft raiding scene.

2. Radical Islam is knocking on Nihilums door to convert them and possibly kill them.

3. Nihilum’s rise to domination of the raid scene began with the entitlement programs set in place by notable historical figures such as Churchill. It is largely rumored he plays a NE hunter in Method.

4. Merda is a retard.


The europeans are also very pleased at the attention they’re getting:

“Oh, great. Someone actually knows Europe isn’t a country. He says that the world would want an economy like theirs, I just look at their educational system. I seriously got asked the question, in America, by an American, who was speaking English, if, get this, I spoke English… I will hold back my cynicism about America when more than 50% of their population can point out Holland on an atlas.”

“Lol priceless indeed. America’s excuse for not dominating the World of Warcraft is they have to dominate the real world. For all our best interests of course.

I feel sorry for all the smart/educated Americans who are being humiliated by their stereotype countrymen once again!

The really sad thing is of course that they feel that performance in a computer game is a matter of national pride. We should invite them to participate in the Eurovision song festival, see how they cope with the humiliations involved in that! :-D”

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Comment by HIGUSYLOL
2007-05-14 11:00:17

Someone tells the genius that Merda means Sh.it in italian, portuguese and spanish. I think it does fit well to him.

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Comment by MIKEJONES
2007-05-14 16:50:28

Just goes to show you: Retardation does not equal patriotism.

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Comment by Frid
2007-05-14 22:59:53

I have no idea who is in Nihilum, but I’m sure they’re incredibly insane. Basically, at that level, WoW is your second (perhaps even first) job. I could never play at that level, as any fun it is to me would be gone, replaced by the stress to get disgustingly good gear and attunement to everything ASAP.

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Comment by MIKEJONES
2007-05-15 19:25:43

And the GM’s have had about enough of their bitching, I’m sure. Nihilum makes them look like fools constantly; nit-picking everything wrong with their beta material, pointing out blatant mistakes. Speaking of second jobs, Nihilum seriously needs to get on Blizzards payroll as beta testers.

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Comment by Nem
2007-05-18 20:47:14

Team America-Policing the world. its what they do best.

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Comment by Icelandic boy
2007-07-12 12:25:40

Merda, seriously your just some fat runty tard who thinks hes better than other people just because he’s American.

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Comment by ikki
2007-07-13 11:17:07

haha allways fun seeing the american spirit when somone else is above them…

first class winers imo..
and cant u discuss any topic w/o putting a war sticker on it ? ^^

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Comment by TheBlue Subscribed to comments via email
2007-09-08 21:12:15

ahh, at last, some home truths about the “america”!
(notice i spelt it without a capital “a”)

what would they say if u asked how many states are there in the world?

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