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World of Warcraft Drama » Volition is not a good guild

Volition is not a good guild

Thanks to an anonymous contributor:

Members of Volition, a guild on Bleeding Hollow (that transferred from The Forgotten Coast) got some nifty karma after constantly claiming they would be the #1 guild on the server and that everyone else would be in awe of them….

This thread that was here (sadly deleted) set it up:

Well ladies and gentelmen, last night, Volition members Johnnluc and Doanald (AKA THEDONNY, Track # 7, Paper trail records) found themselves with their pants down, literally. for some time, i pretended to be a girl amongst the Volition ranks as a 70 mage. in the process of my joining the guild, Doanald revealed secrets that should never even be spoken over the internet, and Johnnluc was recorded/ screenshotted saying he wishes to get me intoxicated to do sexual acts to me, and MUCH MUCH MORE from both members of volition. while the footage and recordings are being put together since there is over 150 SS and an hour of vent recordings, i thought i would go ahead and let everyone in on why alliance trade/nagrand general was spammed, and IRC invaded. while i did alot of the work, many other people were involved in the process, you will all be thanked in the big post with all the footage. The main post should be ready in a few days, i hope you enjoy it.


A follow-up post was quickly put up after the YTMNDs were discovered, sadly, that was also deleted. Luckily for us, it was then replaced with this one:

So for those who dont know, i pretended to be a girl in the guild “volition”. i recieved an epic my first day in the guild in kara, got a free 2v2 team paid for by the well known, Doanald, and he also gave me consumables for raids. Johnluc, who didnt even seem like that bad of a guy, just got horney and talked to the wrong character at the wrong time. Johnluc told me he was good with his tongue and wanted to have repeated sexual acts with me over ventrilo and ingame chat. John found out while he was cyberingwith me that i was a girl when i yelled, “can i bust my $%$ in your eye!” It sucks i had to rush this post out, but it worked out all the same. Thanks go out to Smogen, for hooking me up in the first place. also i would like to thank Bodynok, Spuure, Teez, stylux, Lotho, Xaen, and all the guys who knew and were in on it. i hope you enjoy this and thanks most of all to Doanald (AKA paper trail/fail records, track #7, thedonny) and Johnnluc for making all this possible.




Written quotes: “BuT i have worked and co-produced for snoopdog and franchise boys last cd”

Voice quotes: “I’ll give you my address and you can fuck my gun.”

“Why are you so pussy?”

Bravado much, methinks?


Written quote: “i guess i’d have to find out get you drunk so you’d let me cum in your mouth too”

Voice quote: “Come on really, can we just grow up?”

We eagerly await the full compliment of screenshots.

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Comment by Buddylee
2007-05-11 02:38:41

lol, i wonder who found my post, glad you liked it. added an e to the end of my name, but thats not imortant. The screenshots are really funny, theres just so many after only one week of messing with them. i am trying to find some of the best and make a nice collage

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Comment by Eddie Bax
2007-05-11 17:40:16

Edited, thanks, I had to pull your name from the reposted post seeing as the first ones were deleted, and it was spelled with an extra ‘e’ there.

Comment by Buddylee
2007-05-11 03:01:54

haha, i wonder who told you about my post. well, ive been working on putting the rest of the screenshots together, ive done a good ammount, but i hate cropping and moving all of them together since there are over 100. Ill let you guys know when i finish up with them

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Comment by Kingfox
2007-05-11 08:09:12

Thanks, looking forward to it!

Comment by sckrizzle
2007-05-11 11:31:30

Cool dude cool

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Comment by Kiwi
2007-06-29 10:38:41

…Hurray for sexual harassment!

…Wow… Just wow… People and their inherent stupidity.

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