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World of Warcraft Drama » OH NOES, huntards everywhere!

OH NOES, huntards everywhere!

This is a 2-part post. Firstly, thanks to James Lame: Dont group with Hunters, they are Imba!

This is a total win in drama.

It’s basicly that hunters are imba and the soulution is to never play with them or help them in anyway, becuse then Blizzard will nerf them for some magical reason.

Check it out:


I have noticed many nerf-threads here and i agree with most of them. And i have solution: dont summon them if u are warlock, dont heal them if u are priest/druid, dont do water/food for them if u are mage. And harder part: DONT PLAY WITH THEM. If u are going to instance say that if hunter comes u leave. I have kicked one time and maybe 30 times they havent took hunter. U pay for this game (or ur mom/dad) do u wanna that some class is so uber-zomg-pwnage that it is clearly overpowered? and its pwzns ur class without problems? Atleast i dont want it. Try it, eventually they stop playing hunters or blizz will nerf them.

And on the flip side of the coin: Worst hunter ever?

@razzaelstop camping people in STV…first you kill the friend we were getting raptor hunter tunic for then you camp us for trying to get back at you!

locks need a nerf hardcore…no way a 34 lock should be able to kill a 64 so easily and camp me

Choice quotes: ” Are you disabled? Do you play WOW without the use of your hands? If you are a normal, healthy person then please consider the following:



“C’mon folks, let’s help a fellow hunter out. First, you should cast “Call Pet” or go tame a pet if you haven’t already done so. Next, put your pet on defensive or aggressive and now you should have almost doubled your DPS!

Tomorrow’s lesson: How to augment autoshot DPS using Arcane Shot.”


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