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World of Warcraft Drama » Blog Archive » Drama Contest – Kids Crying Over Loot

Drama Contest – Kids Crying Over Loot

Thanks to Chapsticky for the second post in our drama contest.

Once upon a time on a server called Crushridge, there was an Onyxia raid. In this raid, the horde guild Synergy took down Onyxia. Two things dropped: a Stormrage Cover and a Helmet of Ten Storms.

Now, in this guild, when people did not have good raiding attendance, they were demoted to initiate where they were not allowed to bid on any items. The Stormrage Cover was given to a druid with the most dkp and the Helmet of Ten Storms given to a shaman who did not have the most dkp, but was a member and not an initiate. The one shaman who had the most dkp in the raid was a 12 year old Australian kid. He was demoted down to an initiate because his attendance wasn’t so great due to school.

After the loot was distributed I heard a faint sound coming from the Australian kid’s mic. That is when I started to record vent. What happened next was the funniest thing I have ever heard.

I… have… to… go… do… homework…

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  1. Shannon:

    Holy crap, do people really take this game that seriously? Wow.

  2. Lexi:

    Hehehe, it was funny at first. Poor baby. It’s not like the little tyke won’t have weekends to catch up with the rest of the guild. School’s more important; it’s something I’ve been stressing to my own little brother. 😛

  3. Eulag:

    Would have been funnier if he had started calling people names and cried more. Serves him right though. I hate shamans. They always claim to be able to out-heal priests and then they refuse to heal when a priest is in the party.

  4. Tom:

    I am continually gladdened that I stopped playing. `Some people play for more than 15 hours a day’.

    Fuck that shit. I bet they’ll spent their dying days looking back fondly on all the time they spent in game.

    `What did you do when you were my age, Grandpa?’

    `Well, I went on a 40 person raid this time, and…’

  5. Razhlok:

    “some people play 15 hours a day”?! I sure as heck hope this is over 2 years old. Because if you had members playing 15 hours a day and you’re squabbling over Onyxia loot (even pre-TBC) then that guild needs to L2P.

  6. Katia:

    Could this young one be one of the man reasons a lot of family guilds have popped up over the last year. At 12 he broke down and had some tears, and in most cases with adualts there would have been name calling, followed by cursing. I can tell you for a fact, I am a proud member of a guild that. Put the children first.

  7. Avorn:

    And gold farmers.

  8. marcus:

    So, wait, we’re picking on children now?

  9. lars:

    ju…..just t…….just listen…..a sec.

  10. joeschmoe:

    Man thats hard… not that he cried, but that people older than him would laugh.

    You can expect behavior like that from other kids in a schoolyard… but do we check our maturity and ethics when we start to play the game?

    I can understand perhaps if he’d done something to you personally, but laughing at a kid not being able to deal with something isn’t helpful to anyone.

    Yes, he’s only 12 for chrissake…no he doesn’t see the game the way we do.

    Poor kid. I would say technically this is drama… but real drama should come from people that should know better. This guy is too young to have figured that out.

    Of course it’s the guild’s fault for having players this young. If they don’t want to deal with it and help him grow up, they shouldn’t use him for a raid spot.

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    […] 2. Kids crying over loot. […]

  12. Oldtoby420:

    I don’t even play WoW but some of my friends in clans from the fps games I play with do alot & try to get me to play it since I was huge WC, WC2, WC3, & fan of the books but MMORPG’s just not my thing or the monthly rip off fee.

    Dude thats shitty he was the better player & probably helped more in the raid then the other guy if he was higher up so IMO he deserved it since he prob played as much as he could or was allowed to but wasn’t like it was his life to play it 15 hours a day like it was a job that apparently these other retarded adults do.

    Plus for real the kids 12 ffs hell I’m sure I & other gamers cried when your folks did shit like take your video games away from you or break em so you can’t play them anymore. Man he was heart broke that they fucked him over when you know he played as much & best he could to be better & keep up with the lames that played 15 hours a day.

    It’s pitiful that adults would laugh at the kid cuz I have ran my fair share of clans in fps games & had youn 11-13 kids join us since we found them mature enough to play with us even though I was reluctant but we all understood that you have to treat them with more patience & alot differntly then a older teenager or adult so as not to hurt their feelings like they did this kid. If the case is ya wana be like this to younger ppl then obviously don’t let kids join your clan / guild & it wont happen.

    Hell IMO if it were my guild I would been like who laughed at em & kicked them out on the spot telling them hey now you got something to cry about & your an adult lol.

  13. seriously:

    So am i to understand that you can spend 20 hours a week. raid constantly never get a item you want. and later because of your sched. all that time you spent helping others geet thier epic loot means nothing. i think the other comments were right way to harsh on the kid, laughing and making fun of him how would they feel.

  14. buyermike:

    And this is why I got out of a raiding guild. All the time you invest to get what…an imaginary virtual piece of loot and the drama, the crying, the whining…geez. Hey the game is fun…still play…and it’s a lot more fun now that I treat like the game it is verse another job.

    I say the kid got a good lesson though and that is when your playing politics with the big boys you better learn how to kiss ass if you want your fake lewt.

  15. Daya of crushridge:

    ROFL man the one raid i didnt come to haha that is somthing u never forget

  16. Dragon:

    OMG what a fucked up guild.

    Poor kid.

  17. hilary:

    wtf is the point of having dkp if ppl can’t use it? stupid.

  18. V:

    Hard lesson learnt. Hell, it’s not even a hard lesson. Yes, the kid’s only 12, but coddling him isn’t going to make him grow into a man. I’m not saying I agree with the guy who laughed, but I agree 100% with the guy who stated the guild rules.

    You join a group that has rules, you don’t abide by them, you get burned. Let him learn that. Sure, it’s a painful lesson, but ffs, stop coddling the kids.

  19. Kider:


    I remember this happening.

    I play on crushridge and was one of the officers for Synergy.

    wow, i never thought i was gonna hear that shit on a site like this.

    that’s funny.

  20. Kider:

    i was there. lol.

    i remember this day.

    pillz, shame on you for posting this.



  21. Pittsburghmuggle:

    This is why WoW is rated 13+, and I think it’s still too low.

  22. Lieu:

    Actually, since WoW is rated T for Teen, it’s 14+.

  23. Llamaface (akama):

    Personally I don’t find this all that amusing. I don’t agree with the guilds policies, ie, punishing people for having a life outside of the game. Plus ,a sl its already been stated, such a policy defeats the purpose of DKP in the first place. If the kid had the DKP then he should be able to use it, regardless of whether he earned it yesterday or three weeks ago.

  24. Nate:

    punishing people for having a life outside of the game

    It’s not punishing people for having a life outside of the guild, it’s rewarding people who spend all their time playing for loot. If you give someone who’s on for 2 hours worth of raids a week loot over someone who’s there for 2 hours every day worth of raids, you’re not going to be leading a guild for long. But of course, welcome back to the grand debate between casual players and raiders that’s been around ever since the first raid set foot in MC. Thank god they kind-of fixed that in BC.

  25. Reverend:

    If you give someone who’s on for 2 hours worth of raids a week loot over someone who’s there for 2 hours every day worth of raids, you’re not going to be leading a guild for long.

    Right, but if you have someone who works their ass off for 3 months out of the year, during their school off-time, builds up their DKP for a certain item and then is screwed out of it because a guy who joined two months ago has been able to attend more raids in the last two months than you have… even though you have MORE DKP than he has…

    That’s lame. Sorry, I’ve ran a raiding guild myself, quite successfully for quite some time in fact.

    I’m amazed that guilds like this are even able to keep members. If this had been my guild, the kid would have gotten the item hands down. Anyone laughing at the kid for being upset about something that happened in the game would have gotten a brand new shiny white tabard.

    DKP = Time spent helping the guild.

    If you have more of it, you should get first dibs on loot. Period.

    The kid had obviously spent more time helping his guild than the guy with less DKP. He put in the effort. He got screwed. End of story.

    On the other hand, once you’ve spent the DKP you have to work it back up. This is what makes people continue to want to work as a team and contribute to the guild, i.e. come back to raid again.

    I’m a 26 year old father myself. People taking advantage of kids hits some sore spots.

  26. Mehujael:

    Good times those were. And the long talk afterward wasn’t bad either.

    Overall my top vent experience, and definitely a moment I’ll always remember synergy by.

    He actually wasn’t treated badly overall. It was a fair system, and he got his helm pretty soon after that anyway.

  27. Suzette:

    Poor kid! Must have meant a lot to him. At least they did take him seriously later, even if they did laugh at first.

  28. eric:

    seriouly i was sick about this.
    this guild has a serious promblem building and it going to take strong leadership to hold it together.
    as for the people laughing at that boy i think you should be really worried.
    not only from the sound of it he outplayed you but now he got a reason to be truly pissed at you.

  29. dgj:

    If this is the funniest that you ever had heard you are indeed a sick fuck and to post the vent-conversation here its just dispecable and shows lack of character. Grow up.

  30. Orcu:

    Pure gold….shit.

  31. Astral:

    I have to agree with the Comment by joeschmoe!

  32. Dustar:

    I can not hear it when i click the link it sends me to a page that says “there has been a problem with the page module it could not be downloaded” anyone can help me? 🙁

  33. Aragonath:

    Laugh not at the child, he knows not what he does.

    Hell, laugh at him for all I care.

  34. Mboko:

    “Oh snap! My emotions! They have been stapled to a computer game! Now I’m going to cry over my pixelated loss!”

    Thanks to theslackerz.com comic for that beautiful quote.

  35. Mayor:

    he’s a kid and at that age he doesn’t know what is or isn’t valuable quite yet. i’ll admit it was funny to me until i realized he was going through emotions for something, trivial yes, that is age appropriate.

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