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World of Warcraft Drama » Drama Contest – Balnazzar drama: Raid leader “ninjas guild”

Drama Contest – Balnazzar drama: Raid leader “ninjas guild”

Thanks to Zank, we (proudly?) present the first post in our drama contest. Stay tuned for these on a daily basis, with voting information to go up after the last post.

Though guilds come and go, and usually the latter leaves a wake of drama and sleepless nights for its members, the break up of Tough Customers in September was an especially dramatic one, as raid leader Jadarr “ninjaed” the guild from the married guild co-leaders Milker and Lorry.

The guild, in the shining moment of its first MC clear, was suddenly and abruptly stolen. The night after their first Ragnaros kill Jadarr left the guild on grounds that the leaders did nothing to help the guild, handled everything poorly, etc. Trouble was, he took the core of the guild raiders with him.

Like most drama handled in the guild, it was all private, never really leaking onto the server forums, with the drama contained entirely in guild forums. Though all of the original posts are gone, and the vent conversations unrecorded, the after thoughts of the forum going members can be found at: http://www.redemption.guilds-portal.com/forums/

This isn’t the first time Tough Customers has had humorous noteworthy drama, in fact the first was probably the luci ninja which ended up on google video at:
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4759780313565426066&q=tough customers luci&hl=en

Some choice quotes: “If u fuckers believed that we wouldnt go anywhere then why the fuck did u toy with us all that fuckin time.

Lol my dear, the day jadarr left he posted some bullshit post under bitching explaining why he left

Under that post he said suuf about real life, that he wasnt gonna be on much and that he might even quit. If im wrong then correct me. If not then i would call that the biggext lie. Somehow he has time for MC, ZG, and ONY still”

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