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World of Warcraft Drama » Levelling to 70 as fast as humanly possible…OR ELSE

Levelling to 70 as fast as humanly possible…OR ELSE

Chitsu, from Six Feet Deep on Dragonmaw, takes the levelling of his guild just a tad too seriously.

All members of the guild are expected to level to 70 as fast as humanly possible.

If you want to “experience the content” please do so after you have reached 70, or on another character.

Here is how we will be leveling:

You will log in to the game, and look for an officer. One of the officers will assign you to a 5 man group. The 5 man group will run the appropriate instance level over and over again until someone has to leave, at which point, an officer will assign a replacement.

No questing
No BGs
No ‘grinding solo’
No Tradeskills
No “farming”
No “Checking out the new races”

If you are online, you will be expected to participate in one of the groups running 5 man instances.

The only exceptions to this will be if there are not enough people for you to group with, etc. There will be PLENTY of off-hours downtime to goof off if you wish, but during prime-time, I swear to Thrall I will /gkick your ass if you are screwing around with stupid #%*! instead of participating in the leveling grind.

He gets roundly mocked, as well deserved, but never seems to admit that he could possibly be the one at fault.

Especially funny are his comments about fairness being the reason behind this nazi-levelling regime: “Having the officers assign groups is the best way to assure balance, and the best way to avoid little cliques forming and causing people to be left out,” and that “SFD members are treated more like prized athletes than kids. It’s my job to provide clear direction and focus so that our team is all on the same page working toward the same goal. It’s called leadership.”

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Comment by Khrayne
2007-01-16 03:39:37

Hah… I play on Dragonmaw (horde)… and I just want to say, I laugh every single time I see or hear about this damned thread.

Chitsu is pretty much the laughing stock of the server now, even though he fails to be brought down by the bullshit everyone gives him.

A while back, he made a post on their guild forums with a list of the top 10 pve guilds on the server… he stated that his guild was #2 in progression. Not only were there about 7 other guilds above them in progression (mine included), but now everyone mocks him to no end for this.

You join a battleground only to find people from Six Feet Deep in there too…

[Battleground][Random person]: oh no guys, i don’t think we’ll be able to do much good in here… after all, how could we ever meet the standards of the #2 guild on the server…

Fucking. Priceless.

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Comment by HoggerRulz
2007-01-16 14:28:56

Oh dear lord.

I am taking a long, slow road to 70.

I hope the leveling nazis just get to their raids and GTFO of my content, thank you.

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Comment by Aron
2007-01-19 13:28:49

That makes me sad, how much fun can he and his guildies possibly be having?

What makes me LOL though is the adds on the side of this comment section that read, “70 levels in 5 days guide”! Gotta give them cred for being on topic! Even if they slightly missed the point.

I’ll be 70 in a few months, but I’ll enjoy the process. I’m more stoked about the new BG than anything else anyway.

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Comment by Malidictuim
2007-02-01 01:19:33

lol wtf? this n00b is on drugz.
sif pwrlvl 2 70 GROUPED and without quests, it’s easier to do a handstand while taking a shit. I quit WoW because of the lvl 70 cap, coz i don’t really feel like grinding 2 60 THEN to 70. It’s not worth it imo. It take forever to get that far, my brother has been at it since the launch and he only hit 70 today.

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Comment by excrucio
2007-02-07 17:04:54

damn if ur in a guild like that just /gquit if u cant even have fun playing y would u play?=\

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Comment by Frid
2007-04-20 16:03:20

Haha. Just found this place. Anyway, I can’t help but think of the top guild in my realm, whose leaders had pretty much the same attitude when BC came out, because they HAVE to be the first in Karazhan, the first in Serpentshrine, the first in Tempest Keep, and the first in Hyjal.

Seriously, I could never play like that. For $15 a month I want to have fun.

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2007-05-04 14:54:38

[…] At GW, we just stick to guild drama, and it’s true that most of the really great stuff comes from that. There’s nothing better than a WoW is Serious Business guild post or a shocking Vent session (that poor kid is really crying! wow!). These guys have also expanded into PvP drama, and even reviewing some classic stuff. The site is run by two guys named Kingfox (who I believe has commented on this site before) and Eddie Bax, and while they could update a little more often (it seems like they’ve been too busy raiding lately, what’s there is definitely an interesting read. […]

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