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World of Warcraft Drama » Blog Archive » Elitemaiden: an introduction

Elitemaiden: an introduction

Elitemaiden getting friskyElitemaiden, former resident of Uldum currently plaguing Hyjal, is one of the top inspirations for the creation of this website. Every time I’ve brought up the idea of WoWDrama with compatriots from Uldum, she’s the first thing mentioned. The only problem is the sheer amount of drama that could be written about her, easily forming a tl;dr post.

In short, Elitemaiden is a sad and lonely woman who treats World of Warcraft as if it is real life. This is made hilarious by her playing on non-RP servers yet responding in character, her reporting of anyone who upsets her to Blizzard, and her amazing ability to piss off people faster than a poop-flinging monkey on PCP. In her world, anyone who plays Horde is evil, while she herself is a devout religious woman. She even compares herself transferring servers from Uldum to Hyjal to a missionary, going off into heathen lands. Add a bit of hormonal boycraziness, and you’ve got a drama delight that’s fun for the whole family!

Here’s a few of her most recent greatest hits, as well as some pertinent links to keep tabs on Uldum’s worst gift ever.

  • First and foremost is her blog, kept at Xanga. RedFlowerMinnesota, a lonely self-described powerful mage, tells of her life. Gentlemen, she is still looking for Mr. Right! Unfortunately, she’s taken down a lot of the screen shots of people harassing her, but there’s still some gems left. See her account of her spat with Raypower, previously covered here on WoWDrama. That silly middle school gossip was written by a thirtysomething woman, I’m just sayin’.
  • Someone else started a hate Xanga, called HyjalHatesElitemaiden. Every so often this blog calls her out on some screen shot she’s posted, which she’ll then yank from her blog. Also, some of the aforementioned shots of harassment can be found there, like the bukkake party in the Military Ward shot. Between the random videos and images, a few gems mocking her can be found. She’s been trying to get the Xanga account shut down, but hasn’t had any success as of this writing.
  • Here’s an extensive conversation with Elitemaiden herself. Get a glimpse into the mind of a madwoman.
  • Of course someone’s made a YTMND about the powerful mage.
  • Hyjal had a Christmas gift for Uldum!
  • In light of recent events I feel it is my moral obligation to let the community of uldum know how welcome we here at hyjal have made elitemaiden feel.

    As stated by someone before me, she has not been in any of the top 20 guilds on hyjal regardless of her supposed knowledge of end game and “powerful mage” gear.

    She has formed raid partied of random people in order to enter such instances as MC, BWL and AQ40, leave the group and go afk inside the instance. Why? This seemed odd to me as well at first but when you think about it, when you do a /who ‘enternamehere’ and see AQ40 or BWL as their location you sense to some degree that the said person is good enough to enter such an instance. She understands this and assumes that people will respect her if she’s seen inside a 40 man instance when people do a /who elitemaiden. Of course it’s impossible for her to be doing anything other than picking her nose in said instances because nearly every single guild on hyjal capable of doing bwl and aq 40 have made it very clear that they will not ever allow elitemaiden in their raiding parties or guild.

    She has been in a total of 4 guilds since she came to hyjal. She has been Gbooted from 3 of those guilds, 2 of which occured in less than 24 hours. One of these said guilds doesn’t even count actually, it was one she made “PVP QUEEN” in which she was the only member of and took advantage of random noobs to sign the charter. She was in that guild for roughly 1 and a half days before a coordinated effort between alliance and horde players got her killed in the middle of IF between the high traffic area of the bank and AH and people just stood there and laughed at her. So she left that guild because she clearly was not a pvp queen and she was infact a joke whom nobody likes. All these guilds in which shes claimed to have left for personal reason when questioned. But multiple officers and members of said guilds have confirmed that she was Gkicked from all of them.

    Alliance and horde players of hyjal have formed a pact in which we both share a common interest in pvp situations. In battle grounds for example, if a horde player from hyjal (or any other server) is attacking elitemaiden, alliance players from hyjal have fully agreed that they will not attempt to stop the horde players who attack elitemaiden and will wait until she is dead to commence the attack on the rest of the horde players. Alliance people have gone so far as to sacrifice their winning games at times so that the horde players can farm elitemaiden.

    Elitemaidens auctions are selling….Wait…They aren’t selling my mistake. 90% of hyjal has agreed to not buy a single item which is posted on the AH by her.

    The only people who remotely show her any respect are those who are iggnorant to what she’s done. Everyone who has been following her trail of lies knows she is a walking catastrophy that will bring nothing but shame to whatever low end guild she manages to somehow con her way into.

    Merry christmas uldum.

    -Darkmetazare on Hyjal

  • One of many random threads out there of people showing their love for the mighty wizard herself.

But really, no writings about her can top what she herself has graced the internet with. This entry, from her Xanga, was reproduced from her old website and is probably the most-quoted EM text out there. Enjoy.

40 comments on this post.
  1. Darkmetazare:

    WTB credit for quoting me on your page.

  2. Kingfox:

    Credit added. Sorry about that.

  3. Darkmetazare:

    Many thanks.

  4. Theking:

    Thankyou. Everyone at Uldum hated her, everyone at Hyjal does.

  5. HHEM:

    Hai, I am not a she. Thanks

  6. Eddie Bax:

    I don’t see where we call ya a ‘she’, HHEM. Any reference to ‘she’ seems to refer to the beast.

  7. Kingfox:

    Every she or her in the part about HHEM was about EM herself, not you. I was stating that EM yanks stuff out of her own blog at times, luckily after you’ve already posted it.

    And thanks for running it! It’s kept a few bits around that others might have missed.

  8. Atala:

    Would like to take credit for the wonderful collection of screenshots as displayed in your “extensive conversation with Elitemaiden herself” section. Yes I sat there for over an hour and a half in tells with this lunatic just so I could provide these examples of what goes on in her mind to all you wonderful folks!

    For those not in the know I infiltrated her EXCLUSIVE guild on my mage and was promptly promoted to officer and mage class leader (notice that makes me EM’s class leader). Unfortunately someone spilled the beans informing her that the mage she so trusted was in fact the awful Atala himself!

    -Atala of Hyjal

  9. Pleased:

    You’ve got my respect and sympathy. I got stupider just reading it, I can’t imagine what it was like to interact for that length of time.

  10. Esuna:

    I couldn’t have done it, after the first few /w I would have had her on ignore.

    …or my brain would have dribbled out my nose in a hopeless attempt to escape.

  11. Pleased:

    Another kook. Didn’t have as much interaction with her as I did Raypower, and that’s a good thing.

  12. kelriiafrettlar:

    This makes me wish that I knew more about what happened with Mantid on Burning Legion… now that’s a drama horse.

  13. Elitemaiden:

    Atala’s confession to being idiot of the millenium:

    Well after some long deliberation period I’ve decided to hang up my sword. I’ve been at this game for over two years now and have logged over 174 days /played. I know that few of you out there in forum land really know who in Hell I am but decided to say a final farewell on here before my account becomes inaccessible on Sunday. To those that know me, I’m glad I had the opportunity of becoming acquainted with (most of) you. I’ve spent (wasted) a lot of time in this game but hope that at least part of the time I was getting something positive and constructive out of those countless hours.

    I’m a few weeks into school now and am attempting to focus on a few areas of my life I’ve been neglecting over the past two years (ie: my friends, family, education, etc…). You’ve no idea how good it felt to actually go through the account cancellation process (even though I made the peon cry) and yesterday I logged on to send most of my material possessions to the guild bank and to say some in game goodbyes and was surprised at how easy it was for me to log off knowing that I’d never log on to my account again.

    To those I pissed off (or pissed on) please take whatever I may have said or done with a grain of salt as 90% of the time I had no idea wtf I was talking about anyway.

    Good luck to you all and I hope that you all fair well in life and in game!

    -Atala aka Trinket aka Rolmin aka Amirra aka Kirtold aka Zugnuts aka Hotlilthang etc etc etc.

    So why are you guys swallowing all this cow dung anyways?

    Who is crazy? Is it not this person who’s real life is DESTROYED by wow or an epic mage who you all troll because your lives have no meaning?

    -Elitemaiden exclusively.

  14. Arkell:

    Seriously, the poor girl does not deserve the kind of treatment that she has been subjected to. She mearly plays a game that happens to be full of arrogant, self-rightous idiots.

    I used to be a member of A guild called Kriegsherren. I used to be friends with Metazare. Relationships between myself, former friends and my former guild went south.

    But I must say this, with this leading of nothing but a lynch mob by Meta and his idiot friends made me ashamed that I ever wore that guild tag and considered those people my friends.

    You have done nothing but bully and incite people enough that it sickens not only me but alot of other people.

    You should all be sorry for what you did to her. All of those who went on said crusade against that one person are morons of the highest degree.

  15. Cicero:

    I’ve read her Xanga.

    I’ve read her comments here.

    Knowing nothing about here but that makes me want to roll up a character on her server for the sole purpose of poking the village idiot with a stick.

    She’s not a “poor girl”. Based on her own words, she’s a stuck-up, paranoid, self-centered, pompous, egotistical, boastful, delusional drama queen. She lives her life online because offline, everyone shuns people like that, and she needs attention (even negative attention) as validation of her own self-importance.

    There are thousands of players on any server. Given the fact that EM seems to easily become the target of most of them, in a way I’ve never seen in over two years of WoW, it stands to reason it’s not them, it’s her.


    February 19, 2007. I find this site.

    Am amazed.

    Will immediately be presenting this to my guild.

    Hopefully we may join your pan-server hate militia against a very very sad individual.

    Why, one may ask? Because we’re Spartan, and if there’s a retarded baby who didn’t get thrown down the mountain… we’ll find them… and we’ll make good.

    – R.S. Vek’Nilash

  17. Metazare:

    I do nothing short of gods work

  18. Metazare:

    After learning that elitemaiden has infact read this page I’d like to take this oppertunity to etch in stone what I think of you for everyone to see.

    If you had kept your god damn mouth shut when you came to hyjal I would have left you be. But no, you pranced around on our forums like a self rightous idiot, this made me wish to learn more about you. So I searched, and I learned about all your lies, about how every guild you we in you claimed how you were an incredible addition to the guild and single handly brought the guilds successful times when infact after looking at these guilds today they were left in nothing more than disarray and shambles when you arrived. History shows you to leave a path of destruction where ever you go, how you’re prepared to step on anyone you need to in order to make yourself look like a decent human being. I do what I do because I decided your crimes should be punished. If I had the oppertunity I would kill you with my own hands, hell lets go wild, I’d kill off your entire family to make sure your legacy self rightous bullshit died forever. Go ahead call me names, say you hate me and I’m a terrible person who will burn in hell. Even if that were true, always remember that in the end, I won and you lost. Now no matter where you go in WoW people will know our names and they’ll know you’re not worthy of a chance, your names been tarnished for good.

    I offer this victory in the name of justice for not only hyjal, but the countless people of uldum who had to suffer because of your existance.

  19. arkell:

    Hey meta

    You are nothing but a gutless prick. Seriously what you have said goes beyond reproach.

    ANd who the hell are you to decide what should go punished and unpunished. You seriously sicken me with this retoric of yours.

    If you read this again, and I hope you do, I hope you think about what you have done. I hope you think about the criomes that you have commited.

    You won you reckon? The only thing you won metazare is nothing more than having the distinction of being a blight on society

  20. arkell:

    If I had the oppertunity I would kill you with my own hands, hell lets go wild, I’d kill off your entire family to make sure your legacy self rightous bullshit died forever

    This comment in fact BREAKS the Law metazare. I ask the admin of the post to please delete it

  21. Desideria:

    Actually quoting what Arkell wrote in case it does get deleted.

    “If I had the oppertunity I would kill you with my own hands, hell lets go wild, I’d kill off your entire family to make sure your legacy self rightous bullshit died forever

    This comment in fact BREAKS the Law metazare. I ask the admin of the post to please delete it”

    You would kill someone over retaliating against a psychotic bitch on the internet? Maybe you and her should hook up or something.

  22. Elitemaiden:

    That’s really kind of funny considering you ruined Atala’s life flirting with him every day. I think when he found out you were in fact a married adulteress, he finally quit wow.

  23. Desideria:

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or be appalled at your idiocy. I love how you’re still obsessed with me.. it’s cute.

  24. Discordia:

    If you had any kind of reading comprehension skills at all, you would see that he was actually quoting what Metazare was saying. kthxbai.

  25. Loring:

    Arkell, blow off. How dare you acuse of bullying people on Hyjal. The only fault that was made was not realizing earlier that you couldn’t hack it with the rest of us. So how bout you get out from behind Elitemaidens piss flaps and be a man by droppin this peddly crap about Meta and how you hate him so much. Grow a sack, fill it with some balls, and move on. I had no issues with you, but when you attack Krieg and everyone in it, well then I take offense to that. P.O.P.

  26. Vorondil:

    Actually Desi, you got it slightly wrong, it was Meta who said “If I had the oppertunity I would kill you with my own hands, hell lets go wild, I’d kill off your entire family to make sure your legacy self rightous bullshit died forever” Arkell was quoting him. If there was any crime actually committed by Meta, it’s his cruel assault on the English language with his poor spelling & grammar 😉

    Even though I never partook of the fun & games perpertrated against Em, I DID witness her insane BLATHERINGS on her FIRST DAY of being on Hyjal. I was just going about my happy mage biz, when I caught some NUTTER yelling in IF about how “all large guilds self destruct” or some such CRAP. All of the vomitous ass-juice pouring from her mouth was of course in character (sorry, I thought Hyjal wasn’t a RP server?…) After that, I saw how EM had pissed pretty much EVERYONE on Hyjal off with her innane ramblings (*welcomes mad crap-mouthed insaneo woman to ignore list*…)

    I thought after a few days that maybe everybody who was ragging her was carrying it a bit far, but she didn’t know when to STFU, so I thought “she’s bringing it all on herself” I’m SURE she must have reported almost all of Hyjal at some point, in fact, I’m pretty sure she actually reported a GM (!) for not being professional enough for her liking, & taking her reporting every man & his dog seriously.

    All I can say is thank FUCK she’s gone from Hyjal & my sympathies to whichever server she now has decided to plague with her presence.


    /request that the aforementioned comments be copied, and pasted in a ‘drama entry’ form for this website.

    Cuz this takes the cake! Not only are you the founder, dawg, you’re a member too!

    PLZ keep it up, all you cats; this is very fun to read.

  28. Elured:

    Meh, I’ve always thought the best way to contain drama was to ignore it.

  29. Xexyzl:

    Awesome, its like a whole other drama bulletin!

  30. Wolfsmane:

    Very sad that a collection of “1”‘s and “0”‘s can get to this point. I was shown this site by a guildie today, and looked it up out of curiosity, sometimes wowdrama can be funny, this however is simply sad.

  31. Calimarina:

    I played Calimarina and Siarafina(Cali mostly). I remember even before Elitemaiden was level 30. Wierdest person I’ve ever met. She is the most self centered egotistal bitch I had ever come in contact with during the game.

  32. Zeke:

    I play WOW a little when I have the time on the Gul’Dan server and have found everyone to be pretty nice and the game to be pretty fun… and yet I keep hearing about these gamers that are hopelessly addicted and crazy.

    Fair enough, I went searching on the internet and found the saga of Elitemaiden. Holy shitballs. She has the emotional maturity of a 13 year old girl and the mental acuity of a 14 year old cat. But sincerely wishing you had the chance to kill such a laughable individual? Wow, how can someone like that get to you so much?

  33. Dude:

    Personally, I think it’s because they’re really so similar to each other. Both are obviously drama queens, and Meta is probably only so pissed off because someone’s stealing his rightful audience.

    No, really, just think about it. Who in his right mind would actually go so far and consciously mob or bully someone in a stupid little nerd game? I’ll never understand what got into these guys… She’s never been THAT hard to ignore, after all.

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  35. TreeSloth:

    who the fuck is elitemaiden and why

  36. BILLy:

    LAWL what a loser.

  37. Zecherd:

    Personaly, i dont think you took it far enough. Where’s the vent recording of her weeping uncontrolably from being mocked? People like this deserve that kind of treatment. Honestly, how the fuck can you not hate such a whiney little bitch who, because its the internet and she’s nearly untrackable, acts like a whore-mongering ass-hat.

  38. Aislingi:

    I love the insane hypocrisy of these so called “normal” people who admit to bullying a fellow player and creating a website to mock them. The calling someone ELSE a drama queen.
    If you want to avoid drama, don’t feed it and create boatloads more to feed your infantile need to gang up on someone.
    I feel ashamed to even be from Uldum. People tell this woman to kill herself, yeah that’s what socially dynamic adults do.
    Grow the fuck up. Get the “life” you claim this person lacks because I see people who have no life ripping on someone who has no life.
    This whole website smacks of desperation and drama whoring.

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