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World of Warcraft Drama » Uldum, sometimes we know drama

Uldum, sometimes we know drama

In addition to the previously mentioned Elitemaiden (we’ll get to her one day, we promise, it’s just a question of working out where to begin), another Uldum forum favourite is Raypower, an over-inflated-ego-wielding guild leader who in one ROFL-worthy thread threatened to sue people for slander, with her “90% winning rate” internet lawyer.

In a delicious crushing blow (I’m au fait with the lingo) to her ego, Raypower had her account hacked. Apparently, 3 months was a bit long for her to wait. Watch her get angry, get self-important, and ultimately, get owned by an MVP and Big Blue – “ I am sorry to say that these issues are extremely time sensitive and in this particular case it seems that we were not contacted concerning the status of the account until nearly three months had passed since the investigation had been concluded. The unfortunate delay in your notification of concerns relating to the outcome of the investigation has regrettably resulted in our inability to reinvestigate the account for additional damages.”

Choice quotes:

“Get your blizzard heads out of your blizzard *****. I want ALL my stuff back and I will not take NO for an answer. And I will be very happy to post it on every realm on this game what a crappy job you did. Furthermore, I will write your President and any tech magazine I can find who will do a story on the crappy support and unpreparedness of this game to deal with fraud.

I’ve spent two years on this game and close to 500 bux to play it one account and if you think I’m taking your excuses lying down your crazy. I contacted your investigator. And your tech support person banned me from the forums after my post. I’m calling corporate. I’m tired of dealing with 22 year old support people on the forums. I contacted the investigator. He says he can’t restore the chars.

I’m tired of blizzard runaround. I’m not a 22 year old player. I’m a former sales coordinator for wired and glamour magazine,s conde’ nast publications, NY, NY. And they are about to get the whole story. So you can deal with me as a customer or you can deal with the press over the way you handle fraud. And complaints against your company on your forums. I have saved all this information. I have printed it all.

Furthermore I have been a customer for 2 years and my family presently owns 4 accounts.

And I’m not going to be treated like this by 20 year old blizzard tech children.”

Others have noticed her obsession with 22 year olds. Conde Nast must be so proud of the writing and editing skills they’ve infused Ray with.

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Comment by Pleased
2007-01-23 12:29:38

I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. I haven’t played for a while now, but I was in a guild with Raypower, and she is a freakin’ nutsoid. Nice at first, but turns toxic soon enough and is by turns deluded, irrational, petulant, apologetic, and anal – and that doesn’t really cover the spectrum. Always online, I don’t know if any of that nonsense about her once selling ad space for Glamour is true (OMG, 1337n3ss) but she is for sure a Depends-wearing shut-in at this stage of her life.

I guarantee you she wasn’t hacked, she probably gave her password to someone and then pissed them off.

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Comment by Pleased
2007-01-23 13:15:57

Complete kook.

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Comment by Simon
2007-02-02 08:11:22

She has issues with 22 year olds maybe? maybe one bit her once and turned her into a scouling mad women.

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