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World of Warcraft Drama » 2006 » December

Paintball is extreme to the MAX!

Sorry for just leaving but immature ignorant people do not impress me. If I din’t know about something, I wouldn’t take the cowards way out and mock it and talk down on it. “

This guy seems to think you better agree with him that paintball is not only a sport, but an EXTREME sport. Don’t disagree or he’ll /gquit.

next time take the time to lissen you may learn something.”

Classic WoW Drama, Vol. 1: Retrodruid

In a game with 7 millon plus players, drama of some type is inevitable, and usually constant. Hell, in any gathering of two or more people, drama of some type is inevitable, and usually constant. Even in this constant stream, however, there are some dramas that rise above to become known throughout the WoWsphere. They become… Classic WoW Drama.

The creators of this site come from a little backwater called Uldum. Our 15 minutes of fame as a server came from the discovery of the duping bug, in the long long ago. We don’t have too much home-grown drama, apart from one Elitemaiden (whom we will get to at a later date.) But sometimes sitting in our little backwater, we hear the murmur of something. Something big. We go trawling the forums, checking the boards. And then we see it, a little gem.We’ve just come across Classic WoW Drama(tm).

Of course, there is plenty of drama, always new drama. That’s why we made this site. But a few pieces rise above to become something beyond mere squabbling.

One of the most infamous of these incidents involves a little Druid with a big appetite for loot on the Tichondrius server, the leader of the guild RoaR. Her name? Retrodruid.

Retrodruid decided that the first Sulfuras in the guild (back when Sulfuras was a big deal) would be hers, by virtue of her self-proclaimed work for the guild. Some of her guildies were less than pleased when she expressed this sentiment in guild chat. Of course, that was only chat at the time.

Until the Eye of Sulfuras dropped, and she took it, just like she said she would.

/gquits ensue. WoW boards on Tichondrius and across the land light up. RoaR’s ventrilo server is invaded. And Retrodruid gives an explanation that she hadn’t trusted her guildmates after an incident over a year earlier – and cries sweet, sweet tears. In true WoW drama tradition, screenshots ensue, showing Retrodruid to be a somewhat homely woman probably in her thirties. Unkind remarks are made comparing her to Jabba the Hut, Shamu, and other such rotund favourites. Sadly, most of the original threads have died in the move to the new official forums. The best part is when comments from Retro emerge indicating she doesn’t actually have much of a life, and may be taking teh WoW a -tad- too seriously.

Screenshots of the original guild chat are here. I especially love the brownnosing. The whole saga even inspired a “rap” here. The best part of it all, a ventrilo conversation (complete with tears!) here. “WoW is my life!”


Now this is how all raid leaders should motivate their charges.

…at least if they want to end up on WoW Drama, that is.

Feline Poop!

So, this is the initial post of WoWdrama.org! After having registered the domain name a year ago, I think it’s about time I get things rolling. The expansion pack is coming out soon, and that means tons of drama. Guilds splitting due to the drop from 40-man to 25-man raid content, people using this as an excuse to burn bridges, and those who are rerolling for the patch and leaving drama in their wake. Already it’s an entertaining time for those who enjoy reading other’s drama, so time to start listing it!

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